DIY- Brightening Eye-Mask with Sweet Lime and Banana

Skin Type: Oily and Sensitive
Eye: Watery and Sensitive

Hello Ladies!!
Today I am going to share a very easy and quick recipe, with some kitchen ingredients, that is amazing for your dark circle, as well as puffiness. We all have this same issue, and want to get rid from this dark circle quickly. Like our body, our skin also needs various nutrients, and that’s why we need to try various fruits on skin. This recipe is totally made with Sweet lime and banana. Let’s get into the details:

You will need:

DIY- Brightening Eye-Mask with Sweet Lime & Banana 1

• ½ spoon of Sweet Lime or Mosambi.
• 1 spoon of Banana paste.
• 1 spoon of cucumber juice.
• 1 Vitamin E capsule.


DIY- Brightening Eye-Mask with Sweet Lime & Banana 2

1. First you need to prepare some fresh juice of cucumber, and add ½ spoon of sweet lime juice to it.

DIY- Brightening Eye-Mask with Sweet Lime & Banana 3

2. Next prepare a paste of banana, and add 1spoon of that paste into the bowl, and combine them nicely. You can also use a blender, to make a smooth paste.

DIY- Brightening Eye-Mask with Sweet Lime & Banana 4

3. Once you are ready with a smooth paste, add Vitamin E gel, and mix all the ingredients again.

DIY- Brightening Eye-Mask with Sweet Lime & Banana 5

4. You eye mask is ready to use.


DIY- Brightening Eye-Mask with Sweet Lime & Banana 6

• Best way to apply an eye mask is with a help of cotton pad. You need a round cotton pad, and cut it into two parts. Dip those pads into the mask, and leave it for 5min in a refrigerator.

• Now place those pad on your under eye area, and leave it for 15 minutes.

• Then remove those pads, and massage nicely the paste on that area, and rinse them well.

• Now you can apply your regular eye gel.


Sweet Lime: It contains high amount of Vitamin C and vitamin A that acts as a natural skin lightening ingredients. Sweet lime is mild for your eyes, and it effectively reduces dark circle. It helps to eye appear, bright and fresh with its strong properties, and provides desire hydration to eyes.
Cucumber: It helps to whiten and brighten dull skin around eyes. It adds a glow and freshness to tired eye. It has cooling and soothing effects that provides a great relief.
Banana: It is rich of different vitamins. It reduces darkness, also prevent blemishes. Its powerful nutrients can improve the texture of eye area, with a nourishing effect. It works amazing for dry eye area and helps to reduce fine lines.
Vitamin E: It is the best ingredients for dark circle. It works like magic, to reduce dark circle. It also has a moisturizing nature, which keeps skin soft. It acts as an anti aging property, that helps to reduces fine lines.

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