DIY Brown Rice Hair Mask for Damage-Free and Smooth Hair

Hair type: long, smooth hair with dry end

Hi, beauties!

I really enjoy the winter season. This is the best time to put on as much makeup as we like. But this season also leads to dehydration of skin and hair. So while trying out new looks for the season, we must take care of ourselves. Today I am going to share an effective hair mask that’s made with brown rice. This mask reduces damage and makes hair smooth and silky. Let’s get into the details.


You need:


⦁ Brown Rice: Brown rice contains many vitamins and fibres in it. These nutrients help to make hair healthy and strong. It actually repairs damaged hair and provides a perfect shine to it. Brown rice is good for all skin and hair types. It reduces hair fall and makes hair stronger. It is also good for the itchy, dry scalp as it provides nourishment.
⦁ Coconut Milk: Coconut milk, just like coconut oil, is a great product for dry, rough hair. It is rich in protein, which is good for healthy hair. Coconut milk acts as a great hair conditioner and keeps hair smooth and soft. It provides deep nourishment to dry hair and keeps the hair tangle free all day long. Also, it promotes hair growth and makes hair stronger.
⦁ Egg White: Eggs contain all the major essential vitamins that make hair glossy, shiny and smooth. It acts as the best hair conditioning agent. It also promotes hair growth and makes hair stronger. The egg helps improve hair texture by nourishing your hair.
⦁ Almond Oil: Almond oil is a very well known hair care ingredient. It can control hair fall amazingly and make hair silky too. Since almond oil is rich in Vitamin E, it makes hair super soft and works as a natural conditioner.


⦁ First, you need to clean some brown rice and soak it for a few hours. Then make a smooth, fine paste of it. Now take 3-4 tablespoons of rice paste in a bowl.

⦁ Next add 2 tablespoons of coconut milk in the bowl. Mix them nicely.

⦁ Now add the egg white to that mixture and blend it smoothly.

⦁ This is an optional step. Now you can add some almond oil to this paste and prepare a smooth paste.

⦁ The hair mask is now ready to be used.



Comb your hair nicely and then apply this mask from the roots to the tips nicely. Keep this mask on for around 30-45 minutes. Now, rinse the mask or shampoo your hair. If you feel the rice beads in your hair then brush your hair with a fine comb and remove all the excess rice dust. Let your hair dry naturally and do not comb wet hair.



Here look at my smooth and shiny hair. This picture was clicked on second day of my hair wash and the results are quite visible. This mask is great for all hair types as it helps make hair healthy. It makes hair softer and smoother. My hair looks healthy and deeply nourished after using this mask. It has also added a nice shine to my hair. This is actually a damage repairing mask that smoothens out texture and controls frizz. It also provides hydration to itchy scalp. I hope you like this recipe.


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6 thoughts on “DIY Brown Rice Hair Mask for Damage-Free and Smooth Hair

  1. Hi Chayanti,

    Beautiful hair. Can white/normal rice be used instead of brown rice? Also, any substitute for egg (it smells really bad). Also, how frequently can the mask be used?

    1. Hi Sunshine,
      Thank you. 🙂 & yeah you can use any rice and here I used egg white only that doesn’t smell bad but if the smell is little strong for you, use a essential oil to reduce that bad smell. Still you don’t want to use egg , can use banana too. If it is possible then you can use it once in a week. 🙂

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