DIY- Cocoon Curls: How To Get A Cute Curly Look Without Using Any Harmful Heating Tools

By Spandana Rao

Hello IMBBians,

Today I am here to show you guys how to get super curly hair using the cocoon curls technique.

What you will need:

  • Your hair
  • Spray bottle with water or a mug of water
  • Comb to detangle hair


How to do it:

You will start off with dry or almost dry hair. I usually wash my hair in the afternoon/evening and let my hair dry by night and then start to do this to get curly hair, the next day.

Semi-dry hair is not damp all throughout the hair and thus, I prefer to completely dry my hair and then damp different sections depending on my requirement.

Don’t forget to detangle and use serum before you start, for those tamed curls.

Section your hair leaving only the bottom half of the hair left down. Now, taking one inch sections we will damp the hair and start forming the cocoons.

Cocoon Curls 1

For the cocoons:

Take an inch section of your hair and place two fingers of one of your hand as close as you want the curls to start from your scalp. Now wrap your hair once around your fingers and bring it back.

Cocoon Curls 2

Cocoon Curls 3

After one complete wrap around your fingers, wrap the hair about itself around the hair between your scalp and fingers.

Cocoon Curls 4

Cocoon Curls 5

Once you have reach its end, bring it between the two fingers and pinch it.

Cocoon Curls 6

DO NOT leave the free end, with a part of hair between the two fingers and the free end in a loop(which was created by the hair between your fingers)- pull the hair(that is wrapped about itself closer to the scalp) down to tighten the loop and secure the cocoon.

Cocoon Curls 7

You should have something like this:

Cocoon Curls 8

The cocoons are a little difficult at first, but once you get the hang of it, you will have the prettiest curls.

Once you have done this process all around your head, you can put on a shower cap if you would like and then go to bed. But make sure all the cocoons are tight and secure so that they don’t open up through the night.

When you wake up in the morning, you just have to lightly pull the loose end at the cocoon to free the curls.

And voila, Cocoon curls! 🙂

If you like the tightness of the curls you could hairspray it then or just let them loosen up throughout the day. I personally do not prefer to add any hairspray. 🙂

Your hair stays curly/ wavy till you wash your hair next.

Have fun girls. 🙂 See you in my next post.

Cocoon Curls 9


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