DIY Cream Highlighter at Home

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Hello beauties,

Hope your weekend was amazing. Mine was really good. So this weekend I came up with a new DIY and made a highlighter at home. This cream highlighter turned out so well and I am so excited to share this recipe with you. I am 110% sure you’ll fall in love with this cream highlighter and forget the store-bought ones. The best part about this one is that you can easily customize the shade. So, let us get started with the tutorial now.

DIY Cream Highlighter at Home

You Need:

DIY Cream Highlighter at Home Ingredients
⦁ Nivea Moisturizing Cream
⦁ Any eyeshadow palette of your choice
⦁ Vitamin E oil
⦁ An empty bowl
⦁ A small container for storage
⦁ A spoon for mixing
⦁ A nail filer for scraping out

Benefits of the Ingredients:

Vitamin E Oil:
⦁ Moisturising
⦁ Best for dry and rough skin
⦁ Non pore clogging
Moisturizing Cream:
⦁ Removes dryness
⦁ Helps in fighting the signs of ageing
⦁ Adds a wonderful glow to the skin


Step one:
Take an empty bowl and add about half a teaspoon of moisturizing cream. A cream will form the base and help the highlighter stick to your skin. It will also add a dewiness to the complexion and make highlighter last long.
DIY Cream Highlighter at Home Step 1

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Step two:
Add a few drops of Vitamin E oil. It is hydrating and also helps the highlighter last long.
DIY Cream Highlighter at Home Step 2

Step three:
Scrape the eyeshadow(s) of your choice from the palette. I chose pink, brown, purple, golden and some silver.
DIY Cream Highlighter at Home Step 3

DIY Cream Highlighter at Home Step 3

DIY Cream Highlighter at Home Step 5

Step four:
Drop all the scrapped eyeshadows into the bowl and mix all the ingredients well until a whipped, highlighter like consistency is achieved.
DIY Cream Highlighter at Home Step 6

Step five:
Give it a nice mix one more time. Make sure there are no lumps formed.
DIY Cream Highlighter at Home Step 7

DIY Cream Highlighter at Home Swatch

DIY Cream Highlighter at Home FOTD

You can apply this one as any cream based highlighter and achieve gorgeous results. Since this is a DIY highlighter you can easily manipulate the shade and form a new one. You can store the highlighter in an airtight jar and use as needed. Just apply it on the high points of your face, on your shoulders or collarbone for best results.

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  1. WOW, a lovely shade. Seems so easy and interesting, thanks for the DIY. It’s a lovely shade and looks beautiful on you.

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