DIY Detox Bath Salt with Mustard Seeds

Hello all!
You guys already know about my thing for bath salts. Here I am showing you one of the detox bath salts. The name sounds very fancy, but it is very easy to make. Let’s get started!
bath salt


1. Epsom Salt
2. Baking Soda
3. Mustard Powder or crushed mustard seeds
4. Ginger
I know this sounds more like a cooking tutorial than a DIY, what with all the ingredients list. Hihi!


1. Grate half an inch of a ginger. Keep it aside for a few seconds.
2. Take Epsom salt and to it add baking soda.
add baking soda to epsom salt

3. Crush up some mustard seeds or grind it in a mixer.

4. Add this along with the grated ginger to the Epsom salt mix.
add ginger paste

add crushed mustard
5. Mix it well and your fancy bath salt is ready to be used!
mix well

1. Do not add more ginger as it has a very strong fragrance.
2. If desired you can add in some Essential oils for amazing fragrance.
3. Always make fresh batches of this particular bath salt or else keep it in the fridge and use it within 2-3 days.
4. Grated ginger can be replaced by ginger powder.

Benefits of this DIY:

1. Ginger has anti-ageing properties and can fight wrinkles.
2. It also treats blemishes and acne.
3. It cleanses or detoxes the skin, making it look brighter and even toned.
4. Ginger contains lot of anti-oxidants that prevent free radicals. Basically what it does is make your skin appear younger and firm.

1. Due to coarse nature of crushed mustards, it can act as a natural scrub.
2. Since these seeds contain sulphur in them, it is anti-fungal in nature
3. It also contains anti-oxidants, which make your skin look tight and youthful.
4. It helps to clear out your skin and moisturise it too.

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