How to Make Earrings From Price Tags-Do it Yourself

How to Make Earrings From Price Tags-DIY

Hi everyone, although I am mostly into eye makeup tutes these days, but I  can’t stop me from doing another love of my life, DIY jewellery!  I hope you will find this DIY interesting. My sis recently gifted me a red satin clutch purse from an online store and I am totally in love with it. So much so that I didn’t even want to throw away the plastic price tag that came with it. Sounds crazy right?? Well, I admit I do indulge in craziness quite often 😉 anyway, for these earrings you would need:

DIY price tag earrings (7)

1. Any price tag. ( it would be better if it’s of plastic, but cardboard ones would also do).
2. Nail paints of your choice.
3. Wire.
4. Two beads.
5. An empty pen refill ( or a nail art dotting tool if you are a lucky one).

DIY price tag earrings Material
Step one:

Firstly, peel off the sticker from the tag

DIY price tag earrings (3)

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Step two:

Immerse the tag in water and rub out the remaining parts of the sticker
DIY price tag earrings (4)

Step three:

Cut out the tag in desired shapes. I have cut out rectangles.
Step four:

Use a nail paint in solid color to draw stripes on the rectangles. I have used red.

Step five:

Next, use a different nail color and fill in the gaps with it. I have used a purple.

Step six:

Now make dots with white nail polish using an empty pen refill.

DIY price tag earrings (5)

Step seven:

Pierce a hole with a needle on the top of the rectangle.

Step eight:

Now put the wire through the hole.

Step nine:

Hold both ends of the wire and put a large bead through it.

Step ten:

Twist one of the wire end around the other ( refer to pic).

DIY price tag earrings (6)

Step eleven:

Bend the other end of the wire to make a hook.

DIY price tag earrings

It should look like this.

And this is how it looks when worn 🙂

DIY price tag earrings (8)

I hope you all will like it, waiting for your comments! I will sign off with the thought that think again before you throw something to the dustbin 🙂


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46 thoughts on “How to Make Earrings From Price Tags-Do it Yourself

  1. simply awesome apu…i wonder how with such commonplace things, such wonderfully creative stuffs hit your mind….. loved it

    1. 😀 thanks a lot somreeta! 🙂 actually i dislike throwing away things, they lie on my desk for days until finally i clear my desk and then i HAVE to make something with them! hahahha 🙂

  2. appy , tumhare paas to earrings ki dukaan hogi 🙂
    mere paas bhi bahot saare earrings ekhththa ho gaye hai …sale lagana chahiye mujhe here on IMBB 🙂 some of the earrings i got them for 5 rs 😀

    1. 😀 😀 😀 hahaha… ya preeti, mere pass 4 bade bade boxes hain earrings ke 😉 n i still go on buying! mine ones are mostly 5rs n 10 rs wala too 😉

  3. amazing work aparajita………….i can’t even think of doing this……… are really a very creative person :-)…..loved your idea

  4. Too gud.. u r really brilliant in every field apps.. 🙂 just small query.. I recently got smokey black eyeshadow palete can u pls tell me hw to use black eyeshadow wid silver n white grey shades on eyes.. :p

    1. thanks sweets! 🙂 apply grey all over upper eyelids. don’t go beyond the crease. use the black to create a “>” on the outer part of the upper eyelid and blend it inside with the grey. use the white as hghlightr below brow bone and the silver as the highlighter in the inner corner of the eyes 🙂 hope it hepls

  5. Yeah , i too have many 5rs and 10 rs wala earrings , 🙂 a box full and they are so tempting , i keep on buying although i have many . Btw , do you use them on regular basis ?

  6. superb idea, and more than that, precise execution.. its done so neatly.. u’re really creative, gal! *clap*

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