5 Fabulous Scrubs for the Summers from Your Kitchen

Scrub 4Summers are here in full swing and your skin will constantly remind you off it! Summers always remind me of chilled cucumbers, aam pana, nariyal pani and nimbu sharbat! Summer is a special time for skin care because your skin continuously sends signals by producing more oil and showing up a film of grease no matter how many times you wash it off! Air conditioning in turn can keep you fresh but suck up the moisture from your skin making it look further dull! For those with dry skin, summers can make your skin look life unless you feed it with same natural nutrition. For me summer is the ripe time to combat skin problems using everything useful from my kitchen. I use a home made skin care product everyday in summers. Most of these require your twenty minutes to the maximum and some wipes like using cold raw milk and haldi can take you less than a minute! Then why not make the most of it and skin will thank you for sure. For all the would-be brides, these will work fabulously for you and show 100% results in 15 days. Just follow these religiously and I can guarantee these will work for every skin type giving you fresher lighter even toned skin! The results in the long run will be visible when you wont be able to find laugh lines and wrinkles and pigmented skin. Since college, I have been using these scrubs mentioned below. This has made my tan disappear altogether (provided you don’t expose yourself to sun otherwise too) and has immensely lightened my complexion. Regular usage has improved the visibility of pores and I don’t have single wrinkle yet. (I am 25). All of these may have been used by many of us but I am sure many will still discover something helpful. These scrubs have been tried and tested by me for proven results and I have mentioned the usage exactly as how I use it! I have chosen the best ones for you so that you actually see results. But please follow for 15 days to a month before you can see results. These out-of-the-kitchen products don’t have any side effects unless you are allergic to nuts or have extremely sensitive skin. 5 scrubs for the summer: (all these scrubs make use of fine granules, which make them effective for every day use, when used gently) DIY Facial Scrub 1. Store finely powdered rice in a dry airtight container in your bathroom cabinet. Use it before bath daily by mixing it with raw milk and scrubbing very gently for three minutes. Let the mixture dry for five minutes. Wash it off with cold water. You wont need a face wash after this as this would have already cleaned your skin thoroughly. The rice scrubs away dirt, old make up and raw milk cleanses, lightens, and moisturises. Your skin will be touchable softer and lighter in just 15 days. For those of you with dry skin, make use of full cream raw milk. It can be used morning and evening too. DIY Facial Scrub 2. Like wise, store finely powdered sugar (preferably castor) in an airtight container. To use, mix one teaspoon powder with one tea spoon honey. Scrub gently like mentioned above. Use it for 15 days for proven results. Can be used twice, no chemicals involved which make it absolutely safe. Be gentle with your skin. DIY Facial Scrub 3. Mix one tea spoon each of castor sugar, besan and raw milk. Scrub very gently in circular motion. Let dry for ten minutes. Wash off with cold water. Follow up with an oil free moisturiser. Oats 4. This one is so gentle that it can be used throughout the day. It is great for normal to dry skin. Mix one tea spoon each of oatmeal, honey, and raw milk, scrub gently and leave it on for 15 minutes. Wash off and feel the softness! It really works. Use it for 15 days to see the full results. DIY Facial Scrub 5. This is the best one for those who are plagued with oily skin and open pores. Mix tomato pulp with one teaspoon of freshly crushed almonds. Scrub for five minutes and leave it on for 20 minutes to dry. To remove, dip cotton pad in cold raw milk and wipe off. This will also soothe your skin and moisturise it after the toning effect of tomatoes. Your skin will be lighter, toned and visibly smooth. Use it everyday in the summers, so stock up on tomatoes! Please tell me if I should write on 5 best home made face packs, (for lightening skin and mainly for oily skin) also tried and tested by me over the years.

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28 thoughts on “5 Fabulous Scrubs for the Summers from Your Kitchen

  1. I love exfoliating ma skin and use lot of stuff from the kitchen too..Like besan, papaya+sugar, tomatoes etc..Will try the rice powder+milk stuff..

    Btw, along with all these I looove my St.Ives tube too..

    1. hi poornima
      yup there is one scrub on earth the st ives lightening apricot scrub that i looovvee
      i am glad we agree
      apart from these , i swear to god , the rice one really works.it works like a gentle peel….i used it to lighten my skin after the rough tanned school years!

      1. Yay for St.Ives

        I will try the rice one soon and let u know k?? For me school days ka tanning was tackled wth besan or green gram powder + haldi.

        Btw, I guess you tried to follow my blog, but by mistake started following the Beauty and Makeup directory. I just saw it 2 days back and for got to tell u. You may not get updates of my blog posts in the reader if you follow that 🙂

  2. hey neha, nice post. Very cost effective scrubs…and many of my friends use only homemade ones….but for me 🙁 … i have very sensetive /oily and acne prone sink… the min i try any of this homemade one, i break out.
    My HG scrub is a bit of St Ives scrub mixed with half a spoon of lactocalamine and half a spoon of ayurs cold cream ( the aloevera one… the lacto calamine is a bit too drying… paired with the cold cream… its evened out) … I use it twice a week, and after which i put on biotique’s bio clove face pack. This has been working as a charm… no break outs , and clear skin after such a loooooong time

    1. wow!
      same pinch
      i have oily sensitive acne prone skin
      but i am gonna try ur secret
      too god
      doesnt biotique sting on skin, the clove thing?

  3. yeah..i am really tempterd to try the rice+milk one..i have been trying different products to find my hg scrub..havent found it yet….i love my lakme strawberry face wash for daily use after coming from skool to look fresh b4 goin to tution…but i need something for the sunday pampering routine for deep cleaning… 😀 😀

    thanks! :-* :-* :-*

  4. Hi! It would be fab if you could include, as you’ve mentioned, face packs for oily skin and fe skin lightening since I seem to have got this stubborn tan that just refuses to go.


  5. @fathima.. :-)) always welcome…

    @Ki Almonds are indulging…we so deserve it!

    @palak Me too!Love lacto

    @cynthia Thanks a lot :blush: what would we do without oatmaeal

    @shivani thanks 🙂

    @Mrun do tel me how it works for You

    @Jyotsana Hi …i wil definitely do an article on skin lightening and oily skin…for you …thanks for reading :-))

  6. Hi Neha, great post, I’m gonna try some of them soon esp the castor sugar ones, was planning to buy a scrub but now I think Ill make do with the home made one and same some money 😀
    would love to read your facepack remedies too,

  7. hi, i’ve used rice powder and milk for some time now and just checked online if others were using it too. i don’t pulverize the rice too finely, just to a kind of rough powder. i mix it with full-cream milk powder since raw milk is hard to come by here. i add a tablespoon or so of water, and a baby shampoo that my kids use. i scrub, scrub, scrub gently and my skin is like satin afterwards! love it. 🙂

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