DIY: Facial Scrub to Lighten Pigmentation

Today I am here with my very own facial scrub, that works to lighten the pigmentation on skin. I’ve tried this scrub last Sunday and I often try pampering my skin on weekends with home remedies to keep my skin look great all the time. I have been trying to get rid of pigmentation on my cheeks since a very long time. My skin on the cheek, is slightly pigmented and I keep trying various remedies in order to cure the pigmentation. For this homemade facial scrub, I’ve tried the ingredients that works best for pigmentation and here is what you need to prepare the scrub:


Ingredients needed:


1. Brown sugar
2. Fresh aloe vera
3. Turmeric powder
4. Half a lemon
5. Mixing bowl
6. Jar for storage (optional)




Step 1: First you need to cut of a section of aloe vera from an aloe vera plant, trim the sides and split the aloe vera into two to remove the gel. Now, transfer the gel into a mixing jar and grind it into a paste.
Note: Make sure you use fresh branch of aloe vera for the effects are better when you use the fresh oozing gel from plant. Also, make sure you do not grind the paste for more than a minute, otherwise it would turn into consistency of water.


Step 2: Now add brown sugar followed by turmeric powder and half a lemon juice in equal proportions. Give it a good mix to help mix the ingredients.


And the scrub paste is ready to use. Isn’t that super easy? I’ve made this a little liquidy in order to pamper my skin with the goodness of aloe vera gel. If you wish to make a thick paste of this scrub you can add more of brown sugar to the mixture.


If you wish to preserve this for a long time you can store it in a jar for a couple of days and it will be fine.



Pigmentation takes a longer time to get cured, as the skin layers gets damaged from inside. So, I decide to use this scrub once a week, as these ingredients are best home remedy to combat pigmentation of skin. I see my skin has brightened after I wash and pat dry. I hope the pigmentation reduces soon as I’ve decide to use the scrub on regular basis


Aloe vera: The higher concentrated melanin in aloe vera lightens the skin and provides even skin complexion.
Turmeric powder: it helps in clearing the blemished and gives a vibrant look to the skin.
Lemon: The citric acid present in lemon helps bleach the skin and help reduce dark spots, which are cause by UV rays.
Brown sugar: It smells wonderful and is gentle than white sugar. It does the job of exfoliating skin and adds glow to skin that feels softer like never before.

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