DIY Flax Seed Gel for Nourishing and Healthy Hair

When I have a lot of time in my hand, I usually spend time to do DIY face and hair masks, but most of the time I end up using store-bought masks and packs. But deep within, I know that these can never replace the ones we do with our own kitchen ingredients! I had ample amount of time during the Easter holidays and ended up slathering myself with DIYs from IMBB! I recently ended up making a new gel mask with flax seeds when I was trying to replace it for eggs in cake and I improvised it a little and today’s DIY is all about flax seed gel mask. Read on to know more on how to do it and use.

Flaxseed Gel For Nourishing

The quantity of the ingredients can be your personal choice. You can also use any type of oil based on your like.
1. Water
2. Flax seed (Powdered or whole)
3. Olive Oil
4. Coconut Oil
5. Essential Oil
6. Lemon Juice (Optional)

How to Make Flax Seed Gel:

1. Making Flax Seed gel is pretty easy, you need around 1 cup of water for 4-5 tablespoon of flax seeds. You can use grounded flax seed or whole. Using whole makes it easier to strain compared to the powdered form.

2. You need to add flax seed in water and boil the mixture. Keep stirring it once in a while. You will notice that the flax seeds will start going down and a froth keeps forming on the top.

3. Once you achieve a string like consistency, you can switch off the flame and the gel is almost ready.

4. Using a strainer, strain the gel out from the seeds. You can reuse these seeds for one more time. Once you strain it, you will get a brownish gel like mixture (depending on the color you use) and it has a consistency of aloe vera. You can store this gel for upto 2 weeks in the fridge.

5. You can stop it here or improvise it. You can use this gel for face and also to style your hair. Since I was making a hair mask, I added the other ingredients into it.

6. You can add any types of oil. I used olive and coconut oil as they were the ones I had. Using an essential oil is optional. I have been dealing with light dandruff and itchy scalp and thus I added tea tree oil and lemon juice. You can add the below to combat hair problems. These are just examples and you can search on IMBB for the different types of oils.

Tea Tree/ Peppermint Oil: To combat itchy scalp, dandruff and also to treat lice.
Lavendar Oil: Promotes hair growth and combats any bacterial or fungal disorders.
Rosemary Oil: Treats dry scalp, promotes healthy scalp and hair and also prevents greying of hair.
Chamomile: Soothes the scalp, adds shine and softens the hair.
Cedarwood Oil: To treat scalp acne.

DIY Flax Seed Gel for Nourishing and Healthy Hair final Mix

7. Once you add the oils, give it a good mix and your hair mask is ready to be used! Do not store this mixture in the refrigerator and use it at once.

How to Use:

8. You can section your hair and apply it to your scalp and hair ends. It is slimy and flows away. So, one way of using it is to rub it onto the palms and then apply onto the hair. Using a brush can also be a good option. You can also dip the comb in the mixture and comb your hair.

9. Leave on the mask for around 30 minutes to 1 hour and then shampoo and condition as usual. You can also use the plain flax seed gel as a conditioner.


I skipped using a conditioner to check the benefits. Once I dried my hair, my hair felt very smooth and soft. My hair was very manageable and my waves were much defined. It provided immense healthy shine and my hair was full of life. The gel also reduced frizz completely. My hair ends was completely nourished and I loved touching my hair often.

The shine stayed for more than 3 days and softness remained even after I washed my hair. The results last long and it is completely free from chemicals. You need 2 main ingredients which is flax seed and water and you can have amazing results. This could also be a good choice for people like me who do not use eggs!


1. Flax seed is rich in Vitamin E and Omega 3 fatty acids and this makes it very moisturizing for dry hair. The presence of fatty acids increases the elasticity of the hair and thus makes the hair less prone to breakage.
2. It also has proteins, folate and other nutrients and this makes the hair stronger over the period of time.
3. Flax seeds help to balance pH levels and also prevents hair and scalp damage as it nourishes the hair.
4. Conditions the hair and with regular use treats issues such as dryness, split ends, breakage.
5. Adds incredible shine to the hair. `
6. Reduces frizz and makes hair manageable.
7. The gel alone can be used to define curls and is an affordable remedy as a leave-in conditioner for curly hair.
Suitable for all hair types and no side effects or cons from using them.

I have been using the gel every week and I am happy with the results. I will also start implementing it in my diet and also for my face and will get back to you soon with new DIYs! Let me know the amazing results you had after trying this DIY!

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