DIY Homemade Effective Hair Mask for Hair Growth

By Nida

Hello IMBBians,

A very happy Diwali to all. Wishing you all health, wealth and prosperity. Today, I am going to review about a very old age method of hair cleansing, which is also used as a nourishing hair mask. All of us are aware of mustard seeds and mustard oil as well. There are basically three sorts of mustard seeds black, brown and yellow. Here, I am talking about yellow mustard. Today’s review involve an ingredient called mustard cakes (sarso ki khal ). Let’s see what it is and how it is used for hair.

DIY Yellow Mustard Cake Powder Hair Mask Cum Wash

What Is Mustard Cake (sarso ki khal):

Mustard seeds are processed for oil extraction and the residue obtained is called mustard cake (sarso ki khal). It is commonly known as (sarso ki kal). The protein content in yellow mustard cakes is almost 35% to 38%. These cakes are used for hair packs and hair cleansers. Due to its protein content this wonderful mask accelerates hair growth, gives them strength and volume.

Things Required:


  • Yellow Mustard Cakes.
  • Mixer Grinder.
  • An air tight container.

Method of Preparation:


Step 1: Take mustard cakes. Grind them into fine powder with the help of mixer grinder.


Step 2: Store the powder into a tight container.


Step 3: Take 4-5 teaspoons of mustard cake powder into a bowl add water to make a smooth paste. (you can add an egg into the paste for added benefits).


How to Use:


Apply the paste into your scalp with the help of fingers while massaging a bit. Cover your head with a shower cap. Keep it for 20 minutes. Then wash off with plenty of water like you are shampooing your hair.




This is a successful treatment to stop hair fall. This hair pack is rich in nutrients and protein. This pack cum wash removes dirt and grime from your scalp and hair effectively. Mustard cakes contain essential B-complex vitamins such as folates, niacin, thiamine and Vit B6, which are highly helpful for overall hair health and growth. Results are amazing. It stops hair fall to a great extent. It makes your hair soft and nourished. It provides volume to hair. It helps to grow new hair as well. It stimulates the scalp for hair growth.

Where to Get Mustard Cakes:
You can easily get these mustard cakes from any mustard oil refinery. These are also available in grocery stores. You can also buy these from online shopping sites. It cost approx. Rs. 25/ kg. It is dirt cheap.

Important Points:

  • When you don’t want to apply the mask, you can wash your hair simply with this powder. Make a smooth paste as mentioned and dilute it to a runny consistency. Apply into scalp and hair, massage and wash off.
  • Wash off thoroughly with plenty of water. Few tiny flakes will remain there into your hair even after washing, you can easily dust them off after your hair dries.
  • You can add an egg and a teaspoon of honey to this pack for added benefits. But, do not forget to wash your hair with mild shampoo after washing off the mask.
  • To see the results, you should be consistent while using this mask. Use it two times a week.
  • I used this hair mask with baal jhad oil and results are more than great.

This hair mask cum wash is very easy to make, cheap yet highly effective in terms of hair growth. It nourishes hair, gives strength and volume. It accelerates hair growth.

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6 thoughts on “DIY Homemade Effective Hair Mask for Hair Growth

  1. Thanks dolly….. 🙂
    Sakhi you can get it easily in any grocery store (pansaari shop). you can also get it easily from nearby mustard oil refinery.
    and last you can buy it online. It is dirt cheap but works wonder for hair.

  2. Dear Shikha
    yellow mustard=peeli sarso
    yellow mustard cake= byproduct obtained when yellow mustard seeds are processed for oil extraction is basically known as yellow mustard cake. Commonly it is known as ‘sarso ki khal’.
    Mainly it is used as poultry and cattle feed.
    ‘sarso ki khal’ is used to wash hair and as hair masks.
    It is very nutritive and do wonders for hair growth.

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