DIY 2-Ingredient Facial Toner for Acne-Prone Skin

Hello lovelies,

It’s been really long since I have done a DIY as I’m getting super tired with my pregnancy. Also, my skin started breaking out due to the hormonal changes in my body. So, I came up with a DIY facial toner recipe as I didn’t want to experiment with new toners. This homemade facial toner did work for my skin and gave good results as well. So, let’s get started.

Toner for acne prone skin



• Aloe vera gel
• Tea tree oil
• Water
• Empty container
• A spoon for mixing


Step 1: Take an empty bowl and add about half teaspoon of aloe vera gel in it.

Add aloe vera gel

Step two: Then, add 3 drops of tea tree oil into the bowl and give it a stir.

Add tea tree oil

Step three: Now, add about 6-7 teaspoons of water in it and mix well.

Mix the ingredients

Step four: Mix it well until everything is combined and then, transfer it into a container. This is how the toner should look like.

Facial Toner

Your toner is ready to use. If you have sensitive skin then, add just a drop or two of tea tree oil. Use this toner during night-time for effective results.

Benefits of the ingredients:

Tea tree oil: It helps in the reduction of blemishes. It evens out the skin tone and also helps in removing dry patches, warts, and wounds.
Aloe vera gel: It keeps aging signs at bay. It moisturizes your skin without making it greasy. Also, it helps in reducing acne and stretch marks. The soothing properties of aloe vera gel treat sunburns and tanning really well.
Overall, I’m very happy with the results as my acne has reduced a lot, and I found it much economical than the toners available in the market. I’m sure you will also like it.

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