DIY Homemade Makeup Remover with Cucumber and Coconut Oil

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We, girls, always need a good makeup remover. For me, I always use water proof eye makeup and it is really hard to for me to remove it instantly with ordinary makeup remover. I try to avoid harsh chemical remover. Maximum remover cream contains lot of chemicals, also paraben.  My skin condition is not good now, so I make my own makeup remover at home. Sometimes, I use olive oil and coconut oil, separately. They are great to remove any kind of makeup. But now, I am trying a different remover with cucumber juice. Actually, cucumber has an amazing refreshing factor. So, after a long working day cucumber gives a cooling effect and it is also great for my oily skin. Now, let us come to the details of this DIY.

DIY Homemade makeup remover with cucumber and coconut oil


DIY Homemade makeup remover with cucumber and coconut oil 2

Coconut Oil:
Coconut oil is very good for skin. It is is an anti-ageing oil. It is healthy for skin and makes it smooth too. It also gives an even tone, reducing the appearance of the pores. It has good antioxidant properties, which protects skin against cracking. It has various uses as skin care products. This is a great makeup remover. It is also good for skin.

Cucumber Juice:
Cucumber helps to whiten and brighten dull skin. It can add a glow and freshness to skin. It has a cooling and soothing effects and it helps to cure sunburn. It works on acne, scars, and blemishes. This is a great ingredient for oily skin as an oil controlling juice.

Castor Oil:
Castor oil can fight with so many skin problems like sunburn, acne, spot, uneven skin, dry skin and stretch marks. It makes the skin smoother & softer. It also works on wrinkles and fine lines. As an eye makeup remover, it is very good for lashes and brow. It helps to grow hair faster and remove makeup easily.

Lavender Oil:
Lavender oil makes skin smooth, fades dark spot. It has an amazing refreshing smell, which adds a relaxation to skin. It makes skin fresh.

How to make?

DIY Homemade makeup remover with cucumber and coconut oil 3

Step 1: You need to make a mixture of two tablespoon of coconut oil with one tablespoon of castor oil. Combine them very smoothly and heat for 2 minutes. Then, leave it to cool.

DIY Homemade makeup remover with cucumber and coconut oil 4

Step 2: Make a juice of cucumber. The texture of the juice should be like water. Add the juice with the cooled oil mixture. Then, mix them together.

DIY Homemade makeup remover with cucumber and coconut oil 5

Step 3: Now for a good scent of a soothing feeling, you may add 2 drops of lavender oil or rosemary oil whatever you like. Combine them and keep it into a small jar for future uses.

DIY Homemade makeup remover with cucumber and coconut oil 6

Step 4: Now you just need cotton ball or cotton pad. Take a few drops of this mixture. Apply gently onto your face and rub smoothly. For eyes, just pat the cotton ball on your eyes and leave it for few seconds then rub gently and remove it.

DIY Homemade makeup remover with cucumber and coconut oil 7

You can notice that all the eye makeup comes off easily. For lips, remove the makeup very softly. Now, wash your face with your favorite cleanser.

This is an awesome natural makeup remover without any harsh chemical. All the ingredients are great for skin. They are easy to use and all the commonly available ingredients save your money also. This is suitable for all skin type. If you do not like castor oil then you may use olive oil. I like to use castor oil because it prevents pimple, scars and is great for eyelashes. I am obsessed with this remover. It suits on my oily skin very well. If you have dry skin, even then this is a great remover for you. It makes skin soft smooth also. Cucumber adds a cooling sensation. It helps to clean skin properly. It is an amazing DIY for me. Hope you enjoy it.
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  1. Such a great idea to remove makeup and nourish skin at the same time. I have all of these ingredients at home, will try it.

  2. I have been quite scared of DIYs off late, but this one seems harmless. Though, I do use baby oil alone to remove makeup.

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