DIY – How to Make Nude Nail Paint with Foundation

Hello friends,

How are you all? It looks like I am sort of obsessed writing for this team :). Today, I am back with another post and it is about making nude shade nail paint using foundation. I love nude colors and hence tried to do this at my home. My DIY was successful and hence I decided to share it with you all. So, let’s get started.

DIY - How to Make Nude Nail Paint with Foundation


DIY - How to Make Nude Nail Paint with Foundation

• One transparent nail paint or base coat. (Always use a local quality to ensure if everything goes perfect, you can use a better top base the next time)
• Compact powder or loose powder


DIY - How to Make Nude Nail Paint with Foundation

• Take one nail paint and place it in the refrigerator. Remove the nail paint after 5 minutes.

• Now take the compact powder and scrap the powder from it.

• In my case, I already had some loose foundation powder so I am using that.

• Now start inserting the powder with the help of a knife or steep spoon.

• Add some powder and roll the nail paint so that it mixes well.

• If needed, add some more and roll it once again.

• Place it in the refrigerator for 10 seconds and use it.

• Your nude shade nail paint is ready within few seconds.

Things to remember:

• Make sure you don’t place the nail paint more than 5 minutes in refrigerator.
• Do not put all the powder at once, as there are high chances of lumps.
• Roll the nail paint and do not shake it up – side down.
• You can use it every day.

You can make this nail paint easily at home and about the staying quality, it depends on upon the base nail paint which you have picked up. It does not smudge like other nail paints and the consistency depends upon the nail paint which you have used as a base. Generally, if you are using a top coat as the base, you will observe thick consistency of nails. You can keep on adding until you get your desired nude shade.

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