DIY- Hydrating Sheet Mask for Winter Happy Skin

Hi girls, suddenly the weather becomes extremely cold and my skin turns so dry. It feels too cold to apply a face mask. But I need to careful about skin. So to make it easier and warm I do this plum & milk face mask in a sheet-mask style. I am always ready with my DIY to fight against any kind of skin problems and it works. During winter it is quite difficult to apply a face mask on extremely cold day. But with a sheet or wipes it feels comfortable. Again plum and milk combo is just great for dry skin.

winter happy skin

Let’s get into the procedure.



• Plum: Plums have high amounts of antioxidants that provide a great skin. It can reduce the signs of aging and keeps skin youthful. It can provide extremely moisturized skin with a healthy glow. Vitamin E keeps skin hydrated. It contains high amount of Vitamin C and E which keep skin glowing and bright. It can also reduce dark spot and acne scar. Plum improves the skin elasticity and rejuvenates the skin from inside.

• Black Grape: Black grape contains so many anti-oxidant properties, which keep skin youthful and energetic. It is an anti aging property which helps to reduce the signs of wrinkles and fines lines. It keeps skin tight and smooth. As it has Vitamin E so it provides super moisturized skin and hides dry patches instantly. It protects skin from damage and makes it glowing.

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• Milk: Milk is known as the moisturizing ingredient. It helps to keep skin soft and deeply moisturized for long. It reduces blemishes and works as a spot cleanser. It also helps to brighten up skin complexion and reduce dullness. It keeps skin bright and glowing. It also acts as anti ageing properties.

• Honey: Honey is naturally antibacterial, so it’s great for acne treatment. It is full of antioxidants; it is great for anti aging. It is extremely moisturizing and soothing, so it helps create a radiant glow. Honey is clarifying because it opens up pores making them easy to unclog.

• Vanilla Essence: The antibacterial properties of vanilla keep skin problem free. It’s great for skin smoothness. It helps to cleanse the skin properly with a fresh feeling. Vanilla is rich in antioxidants which keep skin youthful too. It helps to slow down fine lines, wrinkles and spots.


1. First you need to make a thick paste of plum and black grape in a blender. The consistency should not be too runny. And don’t add any water at the time of blending.

blend plum and black grapes

2. Now add 2 table spoon of thick creamy milk in the smoothie and blend all of them.

add creamy milk

3. Mix 1 table spoon of honey and few drops of vanilla essence with the paste. Combine all the ingredients nicely.

add honey and vanilla essence

4. Your face pack is ready to use now. You can apply this directly on our face with a face brush.

mix well

5. Here I am using a wipe to make a face sheet. I am cutting this wipe like a normal market available sheet mask. And then dip the wipe in the mixture. Soak the wipe for 10min.

dip a sheet mask

6. After that apply the wipe like a face sheet on your face. Keep the sheet for 15-20min and then rinse with warm water. You can take steam before applying this mask. It keeps you warm and fresh in this winter.

I have oily skin but this weather takes away all moisture from my face and makes it extremely dry. First of all sheet mask is very easy to apply and it stays perfectly on your face without any mess. I never used plum before this. I love to have plum in my fruit salad. But it also works as a great skin food. This combination is super effective for dry dull skin to make skin glowing and youthful. After using this, it makes my skin healthy and moisturized. It provides a deep hydration and it can hide the dry patches instantly. I have few acne scars on face, and it is also super effective on that scar, to lighten up them. This mask is great for winter. If you have any dryness or any aging problems it also works so well. I am only 22 but it works good to reduce the wrinkles on my mom’s face. So this is definitely a face mask for all age groups. It really keeps skin glowing and smooth. It provides a fresh bright soft skin within few days. You need to continue your application and you will get an amazing skin. Hope you enjoy this sheet mask.

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