3 DIY Immediate Tan Removal Hacks

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We all love going out in the summer to loosen up and spend lazy days in the pool or at the beach. Despite using adequate amount of sunscreen and wearing sunglasses, the long hours outside in the sun translate to severe tanning. We end up with uneven pigmented and dull skin. Some common ingredients from the kitchen can be prepared in advance to treat tanned and dry skin. So, here are a few tan removal hacks that can be used immediately after sun exposure for both the face and body.

3 DIY Immediate Tan Removal Hacks

1. Tan Removal Ice Cubes

Frozen cubes of milk

Ice cubes help to soothe and calm the skin after sun exposure. They also help to reverse and prevent further sun damage by cooling the deeper layers of the skin. Instead of using water, extracts from vegetables like potatoes or tomatoes can be used to help de-tan the skin. Simply use a large ice cube tray and fill it with equal proportions of mineral water and tomato juice extract along with some cucumber juice extract. The cucumber juice can also be swapped for aloe vera juice. After coming back home, use these de-tan cubes by rubbing them onto the face and body gently for a few minutes. Rinse off the juice using cold water. These cubes will last for up to a month.The cucumber will hydrate and soothe the dry and damaged skin, while the tomato juice will initiate the tan removal process.

2. Potato Tan Removal Cooling Sheet Mask

Natural sheet mask for the face skin care

Potato juice is known as an excellent ingredient for removing sun tan. However, it can become cumbersome to cut potatoes and use the little amount of juice inside them to treat the tan immediately. Instead, extract the potato juice in advance and refrigerate it. After returning home, simply take out the potato juice extract and dip layered cotton pads into it. Peel the different layers apart and place them onto a dry and cleansed face, avoiding the eye area. This makes for a simple DIY tan removal sheet mask. Leave it on the face until almost completely dry.Rinse the face with normal water. This method is highly effective as the cotton pad layers enable the potato juice to penetrate deep layers of the skin. You can avoid using extremely chilled potato juice by leaving it out of the refrigerator for a few minutes.

3. Detan Scrubbing Soap

Close up of handmade soap bars on wood

A more creative DIY involves making your own de-tan soap. This DIY requires white or transparent soap base. These usually contain no additives and are suitable for this method. Simply chop the soap base in even pieces and add them to a microwave-safe bowl. Heat it over 30 second increments until completely liquefied. Add papaya essential oil and mix well. Sesame seeds or flaxseeds are great natural exfoliators and can be added at this step. Adding it to the soap mixture will ensure that the damaged skin is not directly exposed to many seeds in one go. Transfer the liquid to a mould and allow it to set. Later, when you come home from a day out in the sun, use this soap to gently exfoliate and treat the tanned skin. Papaya oil contains papain, which is a natural enzyme meant for skin lightening and tan removal.

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