DIY : Jazz Up Bobby Pins to Create Pretty Hairstyles

By Soni Mishra

Hello all!

Today, I am sharing my love for bobby pins with you all. I am a huge fan of bobby pins and always carry them with me. They are the motivation behind some splendid hairstyles. They are my life saver during bad hair days too.

Bobby pin accessories

So, let’s just get started. You may use any size of bobby pins you love to use. Since, I got thin hair, I prefer smaller bobby pins.

You Need:

DIY Jazz Up Bobby Pins to Create Pretty Hairstyles1

Lots of bobby pins, of course! 😀
Fabric paints
Paint brush or nail paints
White thread having good strength – nylon thread may be used
Glue – I am using Fevikwik
Stones, pearls, buttons etc for embellishments
Chain or necklaces which you don’t mind using.

So, we are going to see five ways of jazzing up bobby pins here. Step by step instruction is given in the pictures for your convenience. 🙂 Please note that the numbers below denote the explanation of the picture number. Let’s get started then!

Colour Them Bright

DIY Jazz Up Bobby Pins to Create Pretty Hairstyles2

This is the simplest idea to add some glamour to your boring bobby pins. Choose your range of colours and add some tint to your locks. I used fabric colours to jazz my pins up. You may use your nail paints too. While choosing the colour, just ensure that the colour goes well with your hair colour.

1. Take a card paper and insert the pins keeping some distance between the pins.
2. Now apply the paint on the top side of the pins. The curvy side should go inside. You may paint both side if you desire else not required.
3. Keep them aside and let them dry completely.
4. While the first batch is drying, you could use a different color and make a second batch.
5. Apply a second coat if required.
6. And, tada! You are all set to jazz up your tresses with colours now. 🙂

You can use coloured bobby pins to create some cool outlines. I used them in criss-cross and hash-tag pattern. You can use them at back taking half section of hair for more being creative.

DIY Jazz Up Bobby Pins to Create Pretty Hairstyles7

Use Embellishments
You can get such stones and tikkis from the stores that sell raw material for embroidery and hand work etc. I took them out from an old duppatta that I no longer use.

DIY Jazz Up Bobby Pins to Create Pretty Hairstyles3

1. Collect bobby pins, glue and these stones.
2. Apply to the backside of the stone.
3. Immediately attach the top of a bobby pin to it.
4. Let it dry and start making the next one if you want to.
5. Check if it’s sturdy enough.
6. Your beautiful set of embellished bobby pins is ready.

Button Up
These buttons were stitched to one of my kurtis and had got loose. So, I took them out and didn’t stick them back out of sheer laziness. I wore it long minus these, still do.

DIY Jazz Up Bobby Pins to Create Pretty Hairstyles4

1. Take your bobby pins and buttons.
2. You can see there is a loop behind every button.
3. Insert a bobby pin inside this loop; it should fit in perfectly.
4. Repeat with other buttons and pins.
5. Secure these buttons by applying some glue.
6. Create various hairstyles and button them up with these beautiful pins.

Pearly Affair
This one is my favourite one and you will grasp why when you see them on my locks.

DIY Jazz Up Bobby Pins to Create Pretty Hairstyles5

1. First of all take a spool of thread, some pearls and of course, our beloved pins.
2. Take the thread and add 3 pearls to them.
3. Next, pass the pearled thread from the end loop of bobby pins.
4. Now, tie the knots as shown in the picture towards the end of bobby pins. Tie 2-3 knots, until you feel they are secure enough.
5. Add some glue at the knotted portion to keep everything intact. Cut the extra thread and add some more glue at end and stuck the end of thread at backside so it doesn’t show at visible side. 6. Repeat and make as many as you want. You could change the number of pearls per pin too.

The pearled pins go great with braids and buns.

DIY Jazz Up Bobby Pins to Create Pretty Hairstyles8


DIY Jazz Up Bobby Pins to Create Pretty Hairstyles6

This one is, again, a very simple trick to follow. I have used one chain and one necklace I had. I removed the hooks from end and inserted the bobby pins at end loops. Isn’t it the greenest of all?

1. Take a chain and two bobby pins.
2. Insert a pin in one end loop.
3. And then in the second one.

The chained one can give you very trendy yet elegant hairstyle. It has a certain bohemian vibe that I really like.

Here’s how these jazzed up pins look in my hair now. Hope you liked them all. Please let me know if you found them alluring enough to try out. 🙂

bobby pins hairstyles

DIY Jazz Up Bobby Pins to Create Pretty Hairstyles9

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