DIY Magnetic Makeup Box Tutorial

Hello Beauties,

I am back with yet another step by step tutorial on how to make a magnetic makeup box/palette for your refills. Even if you eyeshadow refills are not metal I will still show you how you can make them magnetic!

The pictures are quite self explanatory but I will explain each step in detail πŸ™‚

If you remember my earlier tutorial on how to makeup empty magnetic palette from DVD case I had not used the magnetic sheet which I got completely and still had more than half left which I used to create this magnetic box πŸ™‚

1) Things you’ll need – Empty compass box, magnetic sheet, scissors and fevicol

DIY Magnetic Makeup Palette

2) Cut the magnetic sheet wrt to measurement of compass box

3) Apply fevicol on the backside of the magnetic strip and stick it on inside of the compass box

DIY makeup palette

4) Now let it dry for 5 mins and your empty magnetic makeup palette is ready! Isn’t it easy? I made this one specially for my inglot refills πŸ™‚

5) Look how strong the magnet is πŸ™‚

6) Your refills are of aluminium or plastic and not metal? Don’t be sad i’ll show you how to make them magnetic!

7) While cutting the magnetic sheet I had few left over strips – Do not throw these away!

8) I simply chopped small pieces of sheet and stuck them behind my B&D refill eyeshadows are these are of aluminium and does not stick to magnet:(

9) Voila! these will now easily stick to your magnetic palette as shown below. This is my eyeshadow palette πŸ™‚


Now cost analysis! I got empty compass box for just 15 Rs! and magnetic sheet is for 160 out of which you can easily create 3 makeup palettes! So you get one single palette for less than 80 bugs! Now isn’t this cool and saves so much money!

I am a complete DIY junkie and will share some tips in how to store your makeup and accessories using simple tricks which not only saves space but also keeps your expensive makeup items safe!

Hope you all enjoyed this article, until tomorrow tc!


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72 thoughts on “DIY Magnetic Makeup Box Tutorial

      1. hey parita u r so kind to save so much money of ours…. thnx fr these DIY’s ,plz be a little more kind nn giv us contact details fr ordering magnetic strips online…plz plz plz,coz i live in small city Raipur,n i dnt think i will get magnetic sheets here,impossible …

        1. hi raji/mahira..i am not sure if giving away someone’s personal email address would be a good idea on public forum πŸ™ but these sheets are available with majority of art n craft stores..especially those who specialize in paper crafts

      1. I am so glad that you did this post. If there was a thumbs up on IMBB i would have done that. lol. I was thinking in the morning about MAC blushes and then i thought that its so expensive to buy their 6 blush palette. This totally solved my problem YAY! πŸ™‚

  1. you cook, you blog, you do make-up, tutorials and DIY’s…where do you find the time superwomen?? πŸ˜‰

  2. That’s a super cool idea!! Great one!! Even I have to look for the magnetic sheet now!! πŸ˜€ Thanks for sharing it!!

  3. this is wayyyy toooo cooool..awesome DIY..for those who love to do stuff at home this is a sure winner. I am just a lazy b*m who prefers to shop ‘cos i need the smallest excuse to go shopping..:)

  4. Hii Parita,
    I’m a kind of new reader of dis blog wich is super duper kewlll nd amazed wid dis kinda idea
    luvd ur creativity,i’m gonna try dis asap.
    Thnx a lot 4dis idea.

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