DIY Mango and Papaya Hair Pack

Hair type: Wavy, waist length, colored, normal
Hello everyone,
Time to time I love a good pampering recipe for my skin and hair. All I need to do is raid my mom’s kitchen and whip up some ingredients. I really love this hair pack and I have been using this all through summer. With season, my hair changes its texture and it is a bit drier than usual maybe because of the heat. So let’s get into the DIY.

Ingredients required:

mango papaya aloe vera
1. Mangoes – About half, for long hair.
2. Papaya- A slice of it will do.
3. Aloe vera (fresh and not the gel) – A cup.
olive oil coconut oil
4. Coconut oil
5. Olive oil
6. Essential oils (Optional)


1. Take equal quantities of both the fruits, i.e the mango and the papaya. This proportion has worked better for me.
2. Then take a fresh leaf of aloe vera and extract the gel. Mix the fruits with aloe vera and gently mash it.
mix mango aloe papaya

3. Mix equal amounts of both the coconut oil and the olive oil to the mixture.
add oils

4. All you need to do is just blend the mixture in a mixer or a blender to form a smooth paste.
final mixture

5. You can add some essential oils if you dislike the aroma of the fruits. I like the mango aroma so I skipped it.

6. Apply the paste all over the scalp and the hair with a good massage and then leave t for about 2 hours until it is dry. Then just shampoo as usual. There is no need of using a conditioner as the pack provides excellent nourishment to the hair.

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Trust me, your dry and lifeless hair will transform into super bouncy and soft hair which will have a mirror shine to it as well. Usually my hair starts getting dry and scalp oily, after three days of shampoo but with this my hair was nourished and healthy even after 5 days. You can also use this even as a face pack and you’ll be amazed to see soft and glowing skin!

Benefits of the ingredients:

Mango: Mangoes are rich in vitamins and minerals that nourish your hair and promote hair growth. Mango contains vitamin A that helps in fighting dandruff and adding shine to hair. It is often used as an ingredient in hair moisturizers. Mangoes also contain vitamin E that improves blood circulation in scalp and encourages hair growth.

Papaya: As it is rich in minerals, vitamins and enzymes, papaya acts as a natural conditioner, making your hair softer and smoother. It also aids in stimulating hair growth and the seeds along with the fruit helps control dandruff.

Aloe vera: Aloe vera is not just great for your skin; it also has a number of benefits for your hair. Topical application of aloe vera can help promote hair growth. It removes dead cells from your scalp that can clog your hair. It also has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties, which fight against infections and soothe the scalp. Aloe can help maintain the pH balance of your hair.

Coconut oil: Coconut oil stimulates hair growth getting deep into its follicles. Coconut oil promotes the scalp health, fighting against such problems as insect bites, lice and dandruff. It also adds luster, shine and softness to the hair. It prevents hair breakage and split ends, contributing to hair length. It provides moisture to dry hair.

Olive oil: Olive oil is loaded with antioxidants, which can keep the skin of your scalp in better shape. It can even reduce the damage done by hair care products or overuse of styling products. Olive oil can make your hair shiny and soft. That’s why it has been used for centuries as a natural hair conditioner.
I have tried and tested this so trust me when I say this hair pack has given me excellent results. Please do try this and let me know how it worked.

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2 thoughts on “DIY Mango and Papaya Hair Pack

  1. Awesome!! Can we apply it on oiled hair? I have a habit of oiling my hair before shampoo. How do you prefer to apply hair packs? On oiled or non oiled hair? Plz mention.

    Great diy !!

    1. Hey Priyanka! You can apply it on oiled hair, but just skip the coconut and olive oil. Just to avoid the extra process of oiling I have added the oils to the recipe itself. You can try it that way too. Even I have a habit of oiling my hair, but mostly I mix oils to the hair packs and apply it on dry hair.
      Thanks, do let me know the results 🙂

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