Mild Beta Hydroxy Peel/Mask at Home: DIY

Mild Beta Hydroxy Peel/Mask at Home: DIY


How are you all? Hope everything is going on well.

Today I am going to share with you  my favorite skincare which makes my skin soft and smooth.Hope you guys find it useful and your skin also glows like mine.I have been using this for the past 6 months and I have seen and felt the difference.
skin peel with aspirin

Things needed:

• An aspirin tablet [as one tablet is enough for face, if you want for the neck, add one more tablet][use non-coated one- here I am using Disprin].
• Plastic bowl[its always ideal to use plastic oneswhen you are dealing with chemicals].
• A heavy spoon or a mortar and pestle [to pound the tablet to powder].
• Few drops of lime juice[you can use water also but the effect will be slightly less].
• Good moisturizer of your choice.


• Not to be used on burnt,bruised or cut skin etc
• Some may not tolerate this so in case of irritation wash off immediately.
• Can be used either once or twice[if you can tolerate]a week but not too often.
• Mild tingling sensation is common immediately after application,but don’t worry it is common it settles down with time.


• Pound the aspirin tablet either with spoon or anyway you like, you will get a gritty grainy powder, add few drops of lime juice to the powder[don’t make it too runny-usually-7 drops is enough for one tablet, the mixture starts to foam immediately after you have added the lime juice.


• Apply this mixture immediately to the face and leave for 2 minutes.

• After 2 minutes massage your face with few drops of water.

• Later leave this on face as pack for 15-30minutes[depending on your tolerance]

• Later rinse off with plenty of water[I usually do this procedure just before bath on the day I am planning my at home lactic acid peel so that my face is clean and it works nicely]


• Follow with your favorite moisturizer. You can you this for any part of your body[remember my caution]. It should be done for at least 5-6 times for more pronounced results.

Viola! Clean and clear skin is what you have!

How it works:

• Aspirin is nothing but salicylic acid which is a beta hydroxy acid.
• Salicylic acid is wildly used as a remedy for acne[2%salicylic acid is the composition in Neutrogena anti acne face wash]
• Salicylic acid dissolves the sebum and clears pores, so this peel is best for oily skinned people[dry skin people also can do this but should definitely follow with a moisturizer]
• Beta hydroxy acid dissolves dead cells -so ideal for tanned and mildly pigmented skin.

aspirin for skn

Pros of Mild Beta Hydroxy Peel/Mask at Home:

• Cheap[the whole strip of disprin cost me about Rs. 4 , the total cost here is Re. 1!)
• This mild beta hydroxy acid peel/mask can be done at comfort of your home when ever you need.
• Can be done on any part of your body.
• Completely removes tan if you do it for 5-6 times.
• Helps in treating mild pigmentation as well.
• Great for acne prone skin.

Cons of Mild Beta Hydroxy Peel/Mask at Home:

There is no con except dryness but nothing a moisturizer cannot handle.

Until next time, take care 🙂

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    1. Me too curious about home lactic acid peel.. Plz do a DIY on that too, along with the rpoducts that you use… Anyways this DIY is also interesting.. Gonna try it today itself.. *happydance* *happydance*

  1. As u have mentioned it can be used on any part of body….can I try this on my tanned hands and feet….Also can it be done daily…Thanks..Manu

  2. woooow i am sooo trying this *happydance* *happydance* just the time to get aspirin from the chemist *happy dance* *happy dance* great workkkkk *clap* *clap*

  3. Hi Sarvya..

    nice post… *jai ho* …would also like to know sm more ideas like ds…plz share na if u know.. *waiting* *waiting*

  4. Great post.Today only i was searching if I can use any kind of mild peels on my hands.

    will definitely try this out.

  5. is this really safe for face skin . lemon itself is acidic to that we add aspirin/dispirin and it starts fuming .

    1. as it contain acid this is acting as a peel.i have been using this six mnths and my face is perfectly you can beleive me

  6. I have done the very famous Aspirin+Honey mask and likes ita lot. You have tempted me enough to try this one . but lemon mixed with aspirin is doubting me. so i will do a patch test. Thanqq for sharing this.. 🙂 🙂

  7. hey nice article..
    i was doing this water for past 1 month.. will definitely give it a try.
    how many times in a week?

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