DIY Moisturising Lip Scrub for a Super-Smooth Pout

Our skin tends to face various changes with the change in weather. This change also takes a toll on our lips and makes them super dry and chapped. Since I am quite fond of trying various DIY recipes, I created this moisturising lip scrub. Thanks to its nourishing ingredients, it heals and repairs lips in no time. So, let’s begin with the DIY now.

pink lips with beetroot

You need:

• An empty container
• Coconut oil
• Vitamin E oil
• An ear bud
• Petroleum jelly
• Sugar granules


Step one:
Take an empty container and add some petroleum jelly to it. I used Vaseline but you can use any other brand.

Step two:
Add some sugar granules to it.

Step three:
Add a few drops of Vitamin E oil.

Step four:
Finally, add a few drops of coconut oil to this mixture. Mix all the ingredients well with the help of an earbud.


How to use:

You can store this scrub in a container or make it right before usage. Take some scrub and gently scrub your lips with it. Rinse it with water or remove with the help of a soft cotton cloth. You can even use it right before applying your liquid or matte lipsticks. Don’t forget to follow up with a nice lip balm for extra nourishment.


This lip scrub is gentle and very moisturising. It makes your lips super soft and smooth by removing dead skin cells or dry skin. With regular usage, your lips become healthy and pink. This scrub also lightens pigmentation and helps your lips remain moisturised.

Benefits of each ingredient:

• Petroleum jelly: It is a healer. It heals the topmost layer of the skin and makes it healthy and hydrated. It acts well as a moisturiser and is a boon for super dry, rough and damaged lips.
• Vitamin E oil: Vitamin E is also a nourisher. It promotes cell growth and adds a boost of collagen to your skin. Due to anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties present in the Vitamin E capsules, it helps to keep your lips hydrated and moist all the time.
• Coconut oil: It is an amazing massage oil and your lips can never have enough of it. It contains Vitamin E which is a great ingredient for skin. It also reduces lip pigmentation with time, and works great as a lip plumper.
• Sugar: Its fine texture gently exfoliates the lips without harming them. It can nicely remove all the dead skin cells from lips and make them smooth and soft.

I am very happy with the results of this scrub and I am sure you will also love it. Thank you for reading. 🙂

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