DIY Multi-Masking Using Watermelon

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You all know that multi-masking is a new trend of face masking, so today I am doing this in my own way with some natural ingredients. But first we need to know the basic traits of multi-masking.

DIY Multi-Masking with Watermelon

We all have different types of skin, but we may also have a combination of skin types depending on how a particular area of our face behaves! For example, I have really oily T zone besides normal to dry cheeks. So If I apply the oil-absorbing face mask on my cheeks, that area becomes drier. It is good to apply a moisturizing face mask on cheeks.
During winter I always prefer to use some good hydrating mask. But my T zone area needs an oil control mask. So here I am using three different face masks at one time on my face. I am using water melon as a main ingredient in three different masks for my T zone, cheeks and under eye. Let’s get into the procedure.


DIY Multi-Masking with Watermelon1

Watermelon: Due to its refreshing nature, it works great as a soothing element. It helps to refresh and give a soft smooth texture to skin. It also absorbs excess oil from face. Watermelon is the best natural element to cure acne. It keeps skin healthy and naturally glowing.
Potato: As potato is rich in vitamin C, it works as a natural under eye brightener. It helps to removes dark circles and gives the desired glow to the eye area. It helps to reduce the wrinkles, fine lines from the eye area and works on puffy eyes too.
Turmeric: Turmeric is a great antiseptic and works superbly on acne and pimples. It helps to reduces dark spots and even out skin tone. It gives a nice radiant glow to face and keeps skin smooth.
Fresh cream milk: Cream milk is known as the moisturizing ingredient. It gives amazing hydration to skin. It helps to keep skin soft and deeply moisturized for long. It deeply heals the dryness. It keeps skin bright and glowing.
Lemon: Lemon works nicely to control oil from face and reduce the darkness on face.
Fuller’s earth: Fuller’s earth is a well-known oil-absorbing ingredient. It helps to removes excess oil and dirt from pores and keeps skin oil free for long. It also works as a great exfoliator.


1. Eye mask:

DIY Multi-Masking with Watermelon4

• Make the juice of potato and water melon. Mix them nicely together.

DIY Multi-Masking with Watermelon7

• Cut your cotton pad in two sections and dab the pad into the mixture for 5 min. You can keep the prepared cotton pads or the mixture in the fridge too.

2. Face mask for cheeks:

DIY Multi-Masking with Watermelon2

• Take 1 tablespoon of fresh cream milk or plain milk and add ½ tablespoon of turmeric powder. Mix them nicely.

DIY Multi-Masking with Watermelon3

• Now add 1 table spoon of watermelon juice and mix them well.

3. Mask for the T zone:

DIY Multi-Masking with Watermelon5

• Add ½ tablespoon of fuller’s earth with ½ tablespoon of watermelon juice. I also add few drops of lemon juice to the mixture. Mix all of them together nicely.

Now let’s get into the application procedure. This is the most important step.

DIY Multi-Masking with Watermelon6

I use an old, flat foundation brush to apply all of these masks on face. As the consistency is quite liquid so it is very easy to apply with brush. First, understand your oily zones and dry zones. Apply the 3rd mask on your oily T zone area, that is, your nose, forehead area just above the eyebrows, and also your chin. Leave the mask for 5 minutes to settle down nicely. Then apply the 2nd mask which is the hydration mask on your cheeks, neck, and top of your forehead. If you have dry lip, then also apply it there.

Again leave the mask to settle down for 5 minutes. Now the last step is to apply the eye mask. Here I am using cotton pad to apply the mask easily. Put the cotton pad like an eye patch and leave for 15 minutes. Keep all the masks for 30 minutes. Then pat warm water on your face and gently massage for 2 minutes. Rinse the entire mask from face and apply some refreshing toner on face. You are ready with your new, glowing, fresh face :).

The application process of multi-masking is tedious, but the result is just great (lazy girls…buck up!). Milk, watermelon, turmeric, and potato make skin soft and hydrated with an instant radiant glow. So overall, this is really a nice face mask. You should try this mask according to your skin type. If you have my kind of skin type, then definitely try this mask at least once in a week. It will give you a perfectly balanced skin with a healthy radiance!

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