DIY: How to Make all Natural Body Mist

DIY: How to Make all Natural Body Mist

Hello Beautiful ladies,

How you all doing? Some days back I finished my TNC body mist, it had a beautiful summary smell to it which I love. I wanted to buy one more, but while clearing the empty bottles from my bathroom shelf I went through the ingredients list again and was surprised to see that most of them are easily available at home. I did little bit more research on the internet and decided to make my own body mist. It was easy to make and being chemical and preservative free made me love my creation even more.


So let’s see how you can make your own body mist in just 10 minutes. I wanted a floral + citrusy fragrance, so I have used a mix of rose, lavender and lemon fragrance here.

Ingredients needed:

• Distilled or spring water, I used the distilled bottle water.
• Essential oils of your choice, in my case rose, lavender and lemon
• Glycerine
• Clean spray bottle for storing the mist.
• Tooth pick and a bowl for making oil mix.


Step 1,2,3 & 4: I was making 200 ml of body mist in which 80% of the part is water only, So next 10% has to be the mix of essential oils. For my floral citrusy mist I used 40 drops of rose oil + 25 drops of lemon oil + 20 drops of lavender oil. Mix the oils together using the tooth pick. You may think that it will be great to put the oil directly in spray bottle but doing that will not let you know how your final mix of oil smells like.

Step 5: Put a tiny part of oil mix on your skin and take a sniff to check if you are getting your desired fragrance. You can alter the scent by increasing your favourite oil ratio.


Step 6, 7 & 8: Now fill your spray bottle with distilled water. Do not fill the bottle completely. Fill just 75-80%. Now pour the essential oil mix in it and then add equal amount of glycerine in the mix.

Step 9: Close the cap and shake everything together. The mix will look cloudy initially but after 5- 10 minutes everything will settle down and the content will look perfect. To beautify the bottle you can make a fancy sticker and paste it on the bottle. That’s all your personalized all natural body mist is ready to use.

As this mist has no alcohol in it will take time to dry on skin. Alcohol helps perfume/mist evaporate on skin faster, leaving only the fragrant oil behind. If you are fine with using alcohol you can add any colour less and odder less alcohol likes vodka in equal proportion of water. However I wanted my mist to be alcohol free so I skipped this part.


Essential oils are good for skin and most of them have antibacterial and antifungal properties too. So this mist will not only make you smell good but will keep your skin healthy too. I spray it lavishly on myself after bath and the smell last on me for about 4 hours. I feel that stronger smelling oils like jasmine or sandalwood will last even longer.

That’s all you need to do to make your own body mist. Go grab all the ingredients and make your own natural body mist right now. It can be a great gift for mother’s day too.


Hope you guys liked the DIY and will try it too. Until my next post take care and stay beautiful ladies.

PS: do not spray this on cloths, it might stain. Use only on skin.

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29 thoughts on “DIY: How to Make all Natural Body Mist

  1. hey Sweta *thankyou* for sharing..this looks very interesting n refreshing.. *happy dance* *happy dance* i surely want to try this..have the empty bottles now vil get the oils *hifive*

  2. *clap* *clap* *clap* *clap* *clap* *clap*
    ill try it outdefinately *clap* *happy dance* *happydance*

  3. Sweta,

    I didnt like the DIY. I LOVEEEDDDD it… Awesome it is.. *clap* *clap* I have lemon and Lavender oil at home.. will buy rose oil and make it right away. Loved it. *thankyou* *thankyou*

    1. Thanks Surbhi *thankyou* (no ji this time, as you asked ) 🙂
      you can use some other oil also if you like. to me the combo of just levender and lemon smelled bit herble oil kind so I added rose more. but you can try mix-match different oils to find your fregrence 🙂

    1. good choice Radhika… I so much wanted to buy neroli oil but it was Out of stock in my near by H&G store.. next time I will *thankyou*

  4. Amazing DIY….i am so making this in neroli and one in patchouli…….. can we use rubbing alcohol in this incase we want the drying effect… ???

    1. hey Waseema,
      though for alcohol the ideal choice is vodka or the perfume alcohol (which is very difficult to find)

      not so sure about using rubbing alcohol, as that has a bit of smell of its own, I am scared that will change the fregrence of the body mist. *headbang*

      If you can get witch hezal use that as that will work similar as alcohol here.

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