DIY Nourishing and Smoothening Mild Scrub

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My normal skin recently started to behave weirdly. The weather in the States is completely different from the humid hot weather I am used to, and my body skin has dry patches. While I am using body oils and scrubs, I was looking for some homemade recipe to smoothen and soften my hands and legs. The regular oils and scrubs are not completely natural and are often not suited for daily use. This mild scrub gently rubs off your skin and makes it smooth and glowing.

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DIY Nourishing and Smoothening Mild Scrub Ingredients

• Oatmeal/ oats soaked in water for 10 minutes: 1 teaspoon
• Milk: 2 -3 tablespoons
• Olive Oil: 1 teaspoon
• Coffee: 1 sachet Nescafe (it’s better if you use ground coffee beans)

You can make the mixture with your approximation. The quantity varies depending on the area of the skin you want to use it on.

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DIY Nourishing and Smoothening Mild Scrub Step One

• Pour milk into a small bowl and add oatmeal to it. Make sure the oatmeal gets moistened (if you have not soaked in water before adding).
DIY Nourishing and Smoothening Mild Scrub After step one

• Next, add olive oil to the mixture. You may roll your eyes that why did I add oil to the milk, given that both are immiscible and never completely mix. I will reveal it soon.
DIY Nourishing and Smoothening Mild Scrub Step Two

• Empty the sachet of coffee in it.
DIY Nourishing and Smoothening Mild Scrub Step 3

• Mix well.
DIY Nourishing and Smoothening Mild Scrub After step three

• You will get a runny mixture with oatmeal deposited at the bottom.
DIY Nourishing and Smoothening Mild Scrub mixture

How to use it:

DIY Nourishing and Smoothening Mild Scrub swatch

There is a very unique way of using it. However, it may get very messy, so you use it before bathing when you can clean up well.

• The runny mixture consists of oil and milk. Gently rub the liquid on your skin. The milk and oil form a coating on the skin, and both penetrate slowly into it.
• Now gently rub the solid oatmeal-coffee paste on your skin and massage it in circular motions, especially on rough patches like elbows and knees.
• Leave for 5 minutes and wash off with lukewarm water.

Why it works:

DIY Nourishing and Smoothening Mild Scrub all steps

While the ingredients list is impressive, the cumulative effect is more than miraculous. The moment you wash off, you are greeted with silky smooth skin. As you use milk and water together, your skin doesn’t have the greasy coating of oil and instead looks nourished.

Milk lightens the dark patches, coffee makes the skin toned and radiant. Oatmeal buffs away the dead cells and reveals healthy skin. Olive oil gives smooth supple skin. You can tweak this according to our preferences like replacing olive oil with almond or coconut oil.

Oh, now let me tell you a secret use of this smoothening scrub. Do it before your date night or brunch party where you want to flaunt your legs. The coffee gives a slightly bronzed effect, the oil and milk make your skin glow in all glory. Not only this, you can also use it daily for a smooth nourished skin. As it is super mild, it can be used on the face too.

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