DIY Nourishing Hair Mask

by Divya Prakash

Hi friends,
There is so much heat, pollution and dust in today’s world that our hair becomes dull and lifeless. A good hair care regime is mandatory for a healthy and shiny hair. Homemade hair masks are a good way to nourish your hair and prevent hair damage. So, today I will share this DIY homemade hair mask with you. Read below to know the procedure and benefits of this mask.

diy nourish hair pack

1. Amla Powder, Neem Powder, Reetha powder and Multani mitti powder: Mix all these powders and store in an airtight container. Take 2 tbsp of the mixture.
2. Egg – 1
3. Honey – 2 tbsp
4. Lemon – half
5. Curd- 2 tbsp

In a large bowl break 1 egg. Add 2 tbsp curd, 2 tbsp honey and lemon to the mixture. Now mix it with a fork or spoon.

diy nourishing hair mask

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diy nourishing hair mask

Now add 2 tbsp of the powder mixture to this and mix it well so that it attains a smooth paste like consistency.

  • diy nourishing hair maskTo use:
  • Divide your hair into sections. Apply this paste to scalp and hair with the help of hair brush or fingers.
  • Leave it on for 30 minutes.
  • Shampoo and condition your hair as usual.

diy nourishing hair mask 5


1. Amla Powder: Prevents premature greying of hair, provides volume to the hair.
2. Reetha powder: It is an excellent hair cleanser.
3. Neem powder: Removes dandruff and fungal infections of scalp
4. Multani Mitti: Absorbs oil from hair and scalp. Removes eczema and other scalp conditions. Acts as a good hair conditioner.
5. Egg: Eggs are rich in protein, vitamins (A, D and E) and sulphur. Gives natural shine to the hair.
6. Curd: Reduces hair fall and dandruff. It also conditions hair.
7. Honey: It is a humectant. It attracts moisture. It is also full of antioxidants and nutrients which feed the hair follicles, encouraging hair growth.
8. Lemon: Lemon imparts shine to dry and frizzy hair and also combats dandruff and scalp infections.

diy nourishing hair mask 6

I have been using this hair pack regularly. I have oily scalp and dry hair. I use this pack once a week. My scalp has become less oily now and hair looks more voluminous and shiny. This pack has also reduced my dandruff problem. It has not completely stopped my hair fall but it has reduced it to certain extent. You will see the results only after regular use.
Try using this hair mask and get shiny and nourished hair!!!

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