Oats Cleansing Milk

This is probably the best natural cleanser and homemade treatment to soothe sunburnt skin. We see oats as a major ingredient in certain skin-soothing ointments and creams, and that’s because oats can calm down inflammation and rashes. Now, make your own natural homemade cleanser with oats to soothe rashes and calm down irritation, it’s especially great for sensitive skin.

Oats cleansing milk

Things that we need:

A cup of oats
Water to boil the oats
Boiling pan & a filter


Steps to make Oats Cleansing Milk:

Boil oats in a boiling pan under low heat. You will see the oats becoming thick, porridge type. Now stop heating. Don’t wait till the content becomes exact porridge, but stop heating when there is little fluid in it.



Now take the semi thick oats porridge and filter it. Strain all the liquid from the mix. It might take few minutes for all the oats milk to get strained out, due to its thick consistency. The consistency of the extracted milk will be a little bit thick and sticky.



Let it cool. Your oats cleansing milk is ready for use.

How to use :

Use this cleansing milk instead of your face washes, after a daylong out in the sun. Use normal or cold water to clean .
You can store this in your fridge and use it for the next two- three days.

I’ve used it once a day, after I return home from work .My skin felt soft and the sun burns were getting milder


Benefits of Oats Cleansing Milk:

We know oats is used in many skin care products, for its anti-inflammatory and soothing qualities. It also helps to treat itches, sun-burns and dryness on skin. Continuous usage will help in treating sunburns and itchiness.

After using this me and my mom felt that the sun burns were treated mildly and skin was glowing naturally.

There is no better thing in the world that can do miracles on your skin/body, other than the natural ingredients. I’ve almost stopped buying face packs, tonners/face spray, but I do them myself with safe ingredients.

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  1. “There is no better thing in the world that can do miracles on your skin/body, other than the natural ingredients” Totally Agree *hifive*

    Wow Rama this is awesome! I’m definitely trying this *thankyou* so much *puchhi*

  2. i use oats in face packs but haven’t ever imagined using them this way…thts a cool idea Rama..will sure check ths out. *hihi*

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