DIY Oats and Milk Nourishing Hair Mask for Soft Smooth Hair

After this long festive season, my hair became very frizzy and I also notice few breakages, which I need to chop but beside a hair cut, I also need some deep moisturizing hair mask to control frizz. Also, hair breakage means that hair needs extra hydration. I heard about oats mask but never tried before this, but after applying this oats and milk hair mask, I became a fan of oats mask. It is really a great mask to control frizz and makes hair super soft, smooth that brings back life. If you want some quick easy way to get rid of these problems, then must try this mask. Now, let’s get into the details.

Smoothen Rough Hair with this DIY Hair Mask

Ingredients (For my long hair):

DIY- Oats & Milk Nourishing Hair Mask for Soft Smooth Hair

• 3 table spoons of plain oats
• ½ cup of milk
• 1 table spoon of Coconut Oil
• 1 table spoon of Honey


1. Add ½ cup of milk in a bowl and add 3 table spoons of oats to it. Mix the ingredients nicely. Also you can blend it with a hand blender that it turns into a smooth paste.


2. Next add the honey to it and mix again nicely.


3. Last, add the coconut oil with the mixture and again use the blender to mix it smoothly.


4. Your hair mask is ready to use now.


5. Apply this mask on your entire hair and keep it for 30min. Then normally shampoo your hair and let it dry normally.


Oats: Oats is a rare hair care ingredient, that helps to control hair loss and makes hair strong. It protects hair from breakage. Also, it provides deep nourishment to dry rough hair and makes hair soft, smooth and silky. It helps maintain the balance of natural oil on scalp and keep scalp fresh and dandruff free.
Milk: The moisturizing properties of milk are great for hair conditioning. It also prevents hair growth. It repairs dry and damaged hair and helps to gain moisture. It provides a natural shine to the dull hair and keeps scalp moisturize. It provides enough hydration to stop hair brakeage.
Honey: Honey makes skin healthy, shiny and smooth. It is a natural conditioner for damaged hair, that helps to repair dry rough hair and makes them soft and hydrated.
Coconut Oil: Coconut oil is the best hair oil for all kind of hair. It keeps hair smooth and soft. It provides deep nourishment to dry hair and keep the hair strong from inside. Also, it promotes hair growth and controls hair fall.


This mask contains all great ingredients, that helps to control so many hair problems and makes hair healthy. It instantly makes my hair smooth, soft and frizzles. My dull hair turns very glowing and shiny. I really love the post effect and it also repairs damaged hair to a great extent. But the oats take little time to remove from hair properly, so doesn’t try to pull it out from the wet hair. Just let your hair dry completely and then brush your hair with a fine comb. It helps to remove oats easily, without any hair damage. I hope you enjoy this easy hair mask.

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