DIY Orange And Almond Face Scrub for Refreshing Skin

Hello friends,

Today I have an almond and orange face scrub, which can help to give you glowing and healthy skin. Everyone desires to get glowing skin, which is possible only after you get rid of the dead skin on the face. However, dead cells get accumulated on the skin due to excess dirt, pollution and exposure to the external environment. If you are the one who feels your skin looks tired after some time, try this special scrub, that can be made at home within few minutes.


Things you need:

• Orange peels.
• Handful of almonds.
• Turmeric.
• Milk.


• Collect orange peels and allow them to dry under the sun, so that it becomes parched and easy to be chopped off.


• Now add a handful of almonds, which will help to boost the blood circulation on your face.


• Now take a blender and mix orange peel and almonds to make a fine powder.


• Add 1 spoon of turmeric, which helps to give you healthy skin


• Use this scrub with milk to get glowing skin


How to use:


Take this powder and add one spoon of milk to it. Mix both the ingredients together and make sure the paste is of thick consistency. Apply this on your face and scrub well.


Wash off with lukewarm water. Use the orange almond pack twice a day to enjoy glowing skin.


Benefits of using orange almond scrub:

• Helps to remove dead cells.
• Gives you glowing skin
• Shrinks the size of pores.
• Instant fairness.
• Help to keep your skin hydrated.
• Exfoliates your skin well.


Due to Vitamin C present in the orange peel, it works well on skin and helps to give you instant fairness. On another side, almond contains essential vitamins and minerals which help to maintain pH level on the skin and gives you a healthy skin. Turmeric helps to fight against bacteria and virus from affected the skin.

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One thought on “DIY Orange And Almond Face Scrub for Refreshing Skin

  1. Awesome DIY . Already started using this . Turmeric leaves yellow stains which can be taken care by mixing very small amount of besan in this scrub.

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