DIY Orange Color Corrector to Hide Dark Circles and Pigmentation

Hey beauties,

I realised that concealer is one of the most important items in our makeup routine and it is really difficult to choose the right concealer for our skin tone. I also realised that people with pigmentation, darker skin tone or dark circle really have a tough time choosing the right concealer. So today, I am back with another DIY which will solve this issue. Here is how you can make an orange color corrector at home to suit your skin tone and color correct your imperfections.

Uses of orange colour corrector:

• Neutralises redness and brown discoloration
• Used to conceal red blemishes and bruises
• Tones down any redness or brown spots
• Neutralises the blue-toned under eye dark circles and purple bruises

You need:

1. A moisturizer
2. Any compact of your choice
3. Any foundation of your choice
4. An earbud
5. An empty container
6. A nail file or anything that helps in scraping
7. A highly pigmented red lipstick


Step one:
Take an empty container and pour some foundation into it.

Step two:
Then, add some moisturiser to it.

Step three:
Scrape off some compact powder and add it to the previous ingredients.

Step four:
Scrape off some red lipstick and add.

Step five:
Mix all the ingredients well. Make sure there are no lumps and the consistency is smooth.

You can adjust the shade as per your skin tone; you just need to increase or decrease the intensity of your red lipstick. I am really happy with this color corrector. It is very economical and lasts long on my skin. I hope you’ll also like its performance. Thank you. 🙂

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