DIY Red Lentils and Almonds Face Pack for Glowing Complexion

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I am sharing a DIY face pack after quite a long time. I have been enjoying using camphor in my DIY recipes and will be sharing all of the recipes one by one. In this post, I have shared a face pack made with four ingredients: red lentils, almonds, raw milk, and camphor. I’ve been using this face pack for a while and it has done a great job in making my skin smooth and clear. It is perfect for winters as well. So, let’s get into the details.

DIY Red Lentils and Almonds Face Pack Glowing Complexion

Ingredients and their Benefits:

I have used four ingredients to make this amazingly effective face pack. Following are the ingredients used along with their benefits.
DIY Red Lentils and Almonds Face Pack Glowing Complexion Ingredients

Red Lentils
The nutrients present in red lentils help in preventing premature ageing. This pulse is a rich source of antioxidants that help in minimizing cell damage. Protein and fibers present in the red lentils intensely nourish and hydrate the skin, making it soft and supple. It aids skin lightening and helps in fading dark spots and acne scars effectively. Moreover, it is also known for remove tanning from the skin.

The fatty acids and vitamin E present in almonds help in nourishing the skin, making it soft and smooth. Usage of almonds helps in skin lightening and improving skin texture. It makes the skin radiant and protects from sun damage.

Raw Milk
Raw milk has moisturizing properties that make the skin soft and supple. Raw milk contains lactic acid and malic acid. Along with moisturizing, the regular usage of raw milk will help in reducing acne scars and dark spots, making the skin glowing. Moreover, it is quite effective in removing tanning.

If you don’t know yet camphor is quite beneficial for the skin. Camphor offers a cooling effect. It helps in soothing the skin, treating inflammation and rashes. It possesses antibacterial and antifungal properties that prevent any bacterial or fungal infestation. The use of camphor makes the skin oil-free, treats acne and soothes the skin effectively, making it clear and blemish-free.

How to Prepare:

Step 1:
Take 2-3 tablespoons full of red lentils and 2-3 almonds. Wash them to remove dirt present in the lentils. Soak red lentils and almonds in water for at least 2 hours (I soaked them for around 5 hours). Once the soaking time is over, grind them in a mixer to make a paste. I used soaked almonds with skin, but you can use them without the skin also. Grind properly so that there are no whole red lentils or almonds remaining.
DIY Red Lentils and Almonds Face Pack Glowing Complexion Step 1

Step 2:
Now, add 3-4 pinches of powdered camphor to the red lentils and almond paste. Mix well.
DIY Red Lentils and Almonds Face Pack Glowing Complexion Step 2

Step 3:
Add an appropriate amount of raw milk to make a smooth paste with a medium consistency that is easy to spread. Mix all the ingredients well and your face pack is ready to use.
DIY Red Lentils and Almonds Face Pack Glowing Complexion Step 3

How to Apply:

DIY Red Lentils and Almonds Face Pack Glowing Complexion Swatch

Step 1:
Cleanse your face properly and pat it dry.
Step 2:
Apply the face pack evenly on your face and neck areas. Leave it on for 20 minutes.
Step 3:
Rinse it off with normal water after 20 minutes.
Step 4:
Do not forget to moisturize your face and neck.


The results of this face pack are quite amazing. It provides instant glow and radiance to the skin. It hydrates, nourishes and moisturizes the skin properly. It even hydrates the dry patches. With the regular usage, it blurs out the dark spots and acne marks, improving the complexion. It makes the skin even-toned along with improving its texture.

Apart from skin lightening, it effectively soothes the skin and reduces inflammation. Moreover, it is also effective in treating and preventing acne. Overall, this face pack has made my skin clear and glowing with an improved complexion and texture. You have to try this face pack to actually see the results I mentioned. Try this and let me know.

Word of Caution:

• Before applying this face pack, do a patch test to check if these ingredients suit your skin well. To test, apply the face pack on your inner arm, which is the thinnest skin. Leave it there for 10-15 minutes and wash off. Wait for 45 minutes and see if there is any redness or irritation. • If not, then go ahead with this face pack.
• If you are allergic to any ingredients then do not use this face pack.
• Use this face pack at least twice a week to see visible results.

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