DIY Rice Water Skin Tightening and Smoothing Toner

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Using rice water as a skin care product is very popular among Japanese and Koreans. We all know that Japanese and Koreans have beautiful smooth and glowing skin and secret behind their smooth tight youthful skin is that, Rice water. Few days ago, I read a lot about their DIY’s and tried so many new home remedies, especially this rice water toner which actually works amazing to make skin smooth and tight.

I also used two more ingredients to make it a powerful toner and it works really nice and a great replacement of those market available toners. Now let’s get into the details of this DIY.

Rice water fermented



• ½ cup rice water(Here I used brown rice)
• 1 spoon of Orange Juice
• 1 spoon of Rose Water
• Peppermint oil


1. Soak some rice into ½ cup of plain water and leave it for few hrs or overnight. When the water turns little dusky or milky, then drain the water in a bowl. Here I used brown rice but you can also use white plain rice.


2. Now add 1 spoon of fresh rose water to it and mix it nicely.

3. Now make fresh juice of orange and add 1 table spoon of that juice with the rice water.


4. Next add few drops of peppermint oil to it.


5. Mix all the ingredients nicely. Your facial toner is ready to use now.




Take a cotton pad and dip it into the bowl. Directly apply this toner on cleaned face and gently massage it on face. If you don’t feel any stickyness then you can leave it on skin normally or rinse it after 10min.


• Rice Water: Rice water is full of vitamins and minerals, that is great for skin. It acts a nice cleanser that cleans dirt and oils from pores, and helps to reduce the size of pores. It tightens pores and makes skin smooth. It treats acnes effectively and makes skin bright and youthful.
• Orange: Orange is excellent source of vitamin C. It helps to look young and glowing. Regular usages of orange juice make skin bright and clear. It also prevent from acne, dark spot. Oranges are also rich in anti-oxidant. It helps to keep skin hydrate and detoxify the skin. It is a great ingredient to clean the clogged skin pores. It can control oil from face.
• Rose Water: Rose water makes skin fresh and glowing. It gives a soothing effect to the skin and gives a hydrated and soft skin instantly. It controls excess oil and maintains skin’s pH balance. It works as a great toner for the skin.
• Peppermint oil: It is a very fresh fragrant essential oil, that helps to refresh and revive skin and provides a great soothing effect.


This rice water facial toner is very soothing for skin and it cleans skin perfectly. I have oily skin and it helps to remove all the excess oil from face and controls oil nicely. My skin looks bright, fresh and glowing. It actually helps to tighten up my pores and makes skin smooth effectively. It helps to maintain skin elasticity and keep it youthful. This is a very cheap way to pamper your skin with rice water. This toner is effective for all skin type that keeps skin soft too. I hope you enjoy this easy DIY.

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    1. It’s an optional step so either you can skip this step or you can add tea tree oil, rosemary oil, avocado oil & lavender oil. Use any essential oil according to your skin type. 🙂 🙂

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