DIY Skin Care Products for Glowing Skin

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Today I would like to share some skincare DIYs which will help your skin look luminous and beautiful

DIY Skincare Products for Glowing Skin

1. Green tea and sugar scrub:

DIY Skincare Products for Glowing Skin

Take some brown sugar (you can use white sugar as well but brown sugar is gentle on the skin than white sugar) and add two bags of green tea you can add loose green tea as well but green tea bags are easily available, just open the green tea bags and add it to the brown sugar. Mix them together and add a table spoon of honey. You can also add little bit of vitamin E oil or some olive oil just enough to cover up sugar and mix all the things. together. This mixture is great scrub for your body and is moisturizing as well.

2. Whipped body butter:

DIY Skincare Products for Glowing Skin

I Have been experimenting a lot with making body butters, start off with one table spoon of shea butter, three table spoons of sweet almond oil, one table spoon of beeswax and melt all of this in a double boiler and let this melt completely. Let the mixture cool down for a minute or two and then use a hand blender or mixer and whip it up until its completely whipped up. You can also mould these into bars and use it as moisturizer bars. But I prefer whipped body butter. Put the whipped body butter into an air tight container. This works perfectly for very dry skin.

3. Black charcoal and clay face mask:


This is very easy to make, take half table spoon bentonite clay and two capsules activated charcoal pills. These charcoal pills are good for absorbing toxins. Mix the mixture together and add a little bit of water and apply it all over your face and let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes and wash it off with luke warm water. This works as an amazing detoxifying face mask. Its good for acne genic skin as it pulls out the excess oil and removes toxin from the skin.

4. Caffeinated undereye mask:


It is super easy and really great for tired puffy eyes. Take some coffee and some honey in equal parts and mix them together. Apply the mixture on your undereye area and leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes and wash it off. The caffeine is going to wake up those puffy eyes and energize and rejuvenate underneath your eyes I would recommend keeping the mixture in refrigerator for cooling effect.

5. Lash and Brow conditioning serum:

This includes three simple ingredients, starting with aloe vera, castor oil and some vitamin E in equal part and mixing them together. Store this mixture in refrigerator, use a clean mascara wand to apply the serum into your lashes and brows every night before you sleep.

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