DIY: Strawberry Protein Hair Mask

Weekends are always a time for face masks and hair masks. We can easily get luscious and juicy red strawberries these days, so why not take advantage of this tiny fruit? I have used strawberry as a face mask but never tried it as a hair mask but I have read a lot about the benefits of this tiny fruit for hair, so thought of giving it a try. I have used this mask like thrice and have come to the conclusions that it is a great mask to provide hydration and a glossy shine to the hair as well as it treats up the dry and damaged hair.

Strawberry Protein Hair Mask

Ingredients needed:

DIY Strawberry Protein Hair Mask

• 5-6 strawberries (Provides hydration, promotes hair growth, adds a glossy shine and combats frizz for a while)
• Yogurt (Helps to soften the hair, makes them very smooth and helps to treat dandruff)
• Coconut oil or olive oil (Treats dry and damaged hair, promotes growth and many multiple benefits that we all know)
• I whole egg or incase due to some reasons you cannot put egg, replace it with 2 spoons of mayonnaise (Provides the needed proteins to the hair thereby making them soft and silky)

So let’s get started with the hair mask!

IMPORTANT NOTE: This mask is very time consuming as the rinsing process is a bit lengthy because the strawberries are like bananas and those who have used bananas for their hair know how tedious it is to remove the banana residue from the hair, it is the same with strawberries. So use this mask when you are relaxed and free and have a lot of time to spend on your hair.

Step 1: Take 3-4 spoons full of yogurt and pour it into a big bowl so that it does not spill while mixing. Initially add just 2-3 strawberries because adding all the strawberries together will take a hell lot of time in crushing it. I have picked the strawberries which looked a bit stale and were not that healthy to consume; so thought of putting it to a good use rather than wasting them.

DIYStrawberry Protein Hair Mask

Step 2: Now take a crusher and start crushing the strawberries thereby blending them and the yogurt together. One more option is directly put them into a mixer and crush it and that will give you a fine paste rather than crushing them manually. One more reason of directly making a puree is that if there are lumps of strawberries left in the mixture then it will be a tedious job to remove it while washing off the mask.

DIY StrawberryProtein Hair Mask

Step 3: Now add the remaining strawberries to the mixture and crush everything finely. This is how the paste will look. Doesn’t it look delicious? What would be better than a pink air mask, lol? It will be highly edible too as the luscious fragrance was pretty tempting to eat it up but I resisted because I think my hair needed more proteins than my body.

DIY Strawberry ProteinHair Mask

Step 4: Now take an egg and pour the entire egg white and the yellow portion too to add up the proteins for the hair and double up the effects. Properly blend it up and the mixture will now turn into a runny one. People who cannot use egg at their places can put mayonnaise instead of the egg and that will help create a thick paste rather than a runny one.

DIY StrawberryProteinHair Mask

Step 5: Add olive oil or coconut oil as per your choice, both work really well to give a shine and treat up the damaged hair.

DIY Strawberry Protein HairMask

Step 6: We are done with making the mask and this is how it finally looks!

DIYStrawberry ProteinHair Mask

Step 7: Apply it from roots to tips, thereby massaging it on the scalp for 5 minutes which will help for blood circulation and will help the ingredients penetrate inside the scalp and then tie up your hair and cover it with a shower cap so that the mask does not keep dripping.

Step 8: Keep it for a time from 30 minutes to an hour and then rinse off with cold water. This is the worst part in the entire process as the strawberry residue sticks badly to the hair and would be a real pain to get off. After rinsing it off with cold water, make sure to apply conditioner for 5 minutes before you shampoo because the hair will be pretty sticky and stiff due to the egg and if you directly shampoo, it will cause loads of hair to break. Then after rinsing the conditioner, shampoo and condition as usual.

Step 9: Apply a hair serum to soften the hair more and let it air dry.

Tips to keep in mind:

1. Use a strawberry puree instead of crushing the strawberries manually because it will stick a lot while application and rinsing as well.
2. The mask is pretty runny so wear an old t-shirt and apply it in the bathroom only or else you will spoil your room.
3. Do not use hot water while rinsing the mask or you may cook the egg.
4. Clean the bathroom after you are done because a lot of strawberry residue spills and I saved myself by catching the bathroom handle or else I would have got a sprain because I was about to slip badly.

Treat you hair with this mask every week and see the difference yourself, a glossy shine will always be there on your hair and they will feel a lot more smooth and hydrated all the day long. I hope you liked my diy and lazy people do not try this because as I said it is a time-consuming one..!!!


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    1. Aww thankooo sooo much lisha *thankyou* *happy dance* yes i know till the time i added only berries n yogurt it looked damn yummie to me too *hifive* *drool* do keep up with the tips while making it *puchhi*

    1. Yess but with the mayo it will be a lot less messy *hifive* *happy dance* coz the egg makes this one really runny *headbang* let me know then how did it work *happy dance* thanks a lot *thankyou* *thankyou* *hifive*

    1. Yeahhh lol *hihi* *hihi* for the first time when i used egg i didn’t know that we have to wash it with cold water only *headbang* *headbang* toh i used hot water and made an omlette on my hair lol rofl rofl try this for sure *happy dance* *happy dance* your most welcome *puchhi*

    1. Your most welcomeeeeeee *woot* *woot* *puchhi* as i know you are a busy woman toh i would advise you to not try this when you have things lined up because i was really tired while washing it *hihi* *hihi* but i know it looked yummy *hihi* *hihi* and the hair remain soft for 3-4 days *happy dance* *happy dance*

  1. this seems amazing saloni *happy dance* *happy dance* *happy dance*
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    1. Yaaa i know for the first time i never knew it would take soo much time to remove the residue of strawberry but i was freezing because i washed it at 9 pm *cry* *cry* *hihi* *hihi* yeah try it in summers *happy dance* *happy dance* thanks a lot *happy dance* *happy dance* *thankyou* *thankyou*

  2. Nice post saloni 🙂 Oh once i’v tried banana pack for my hair n it was so diffucult to wash out all the traces of the fruit from my curly hair *headbang* *headbang* so will try this pack sometime when i have nothing to do 😛

    1. Yes absolutely try it when you have free time or the scene s going to be the same as banana *hihi* *hihi* i have straight hair toh bhi intake time so i can imagine what happends with curly hair *scared* thank you very much *thankyou* *thankyou* *happy dance*

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