DIY Tamarind Hair Wash for Long Hair

By Nida

Hello IMBBians,

A very good day to all. Whether you suffer a bad haircut or you want to grow your hair long for marriage function, you need some remedies which work quickly and effectively. Today I am going to do a DIY remedy to grow your hair long. This remedy is called Tamarind Hair Wash. It speeds up the process of hair growth and the results are healthy long hair. Let’s have a look about this DIY in detail.




• Tamarind ½ cup.
• Water five glasses


Step 1: Wash tamarind with plain water to remove dirt and dust.
Step 2: Take five glasses of water in a big bowl. Soak washed tamarind in it overnight.


Step 3: Mash soaked tamarind in the same water next morning with the help of fingers to dissolve the pulp in the water. Strain the mixture to remove seeds and waste.





Step 4: Pour this tamarind infused water into a mug you use in bath.



Method of Use:

Comb your hair well to avoid hair breakage. Pour this tamarind infused water into scalp and massage with finger tips. Let it rest for 8-10 mins. Wash your hair first with remaining tamarind water and then with plain water thoroughly. Let the hair dry naturally. Repeat this remedy thrice a week.


My sister had a bad haircut and she was very sad to lose her long tresses. She did this remedy for two months and believe me, her hair grow very fast. This hair wash really helps hair to grow longer. This hair wash speeds hair growth. This improves hair texture reduce hair fall as well. I suggested this remedy to many of my friends and they all got positive results.

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