DIY Turmeric Anti-Aging Cream

Hope you have enjoyed the festive season. On my end, I am looking for the new year to arrive soon. Well, today I would be speaking about anti-aging cream made of turmeric. When it comes to face, I always prefer using homemade cream and face packs, because it contains zero artificial chemicals and hence there are no chances of side effects. There are lot more anti aging cream available in the market, but if you are looking for an easy and effective homemade cream, here is the recipe of the same.



turmeric anti aging cream

• Turmeric
• Gram flour
• Cold milk
• Lemon


• Take one cup of gram flour and make sure the quantity is more, so that you can use it at least for 3-4 days.

turmeric anti aging cream

• Now add 1/s cup of turmeric to it. (In my case, I have crushed the haldi and converted into turmeric powder)

turmeric anti aging cream

• Take some cold milk and keep adding until you get a silky, smooth consistency.

turmeric anti aging cream

• Now add 2-3 spoons of lemon juice to the paste and mix it properly. Make sure there are no lumps found.

turmeric anti aging cream

• Use this cream every day before going to bed. Allow it to dry and wash off with cold water.

turmeric anti aging cream

Benefits of using turmeric anti aging cream:

Turmeric Anti-Aging Cream

• Turmeric contains antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which help to fade away the wrinkles and fine lines on the face.
• It helps to give you smooth skin.
• In the case of blemishes, regular use of turmeric anti-aging cream helps to fade them quickly.
• This is best for all kind of skin and especially sensitive and acne prone skin.

You should use this cream on daily basis to get the smooth and silky skin.

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