DIY Underarm Whitening and Antiperspirant Spray

I have very sweaty underarms like most of us do, which becomes embarrassing and uncomfortable especially if one wears sleeveless dresses. An easy way out is to buy a roll on antiperspirant or a spray but they turn my underarms really dark giving them a burnt appearance which makes me even more conscious.

DIY Underarm Whitening and Antiperspirant Spray

Why they turn skin dark? It’s because of the presence of aluminum and alcohol so I decided to make my own anti – sweat spray which will also lighten the skin.


DIY Underarm Whitening and Antiperspirant Spray

DIY Underarm Whitening and Antiperspirant Spray

DIY Underarm Whitening and Antiperspirant Spray

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• Pure aloe vera gel.
• Witch hazel, preferably with 0% alcohol but I couldn’t find any so used the one with 14% alcohol.
• Baking soda.
• Lemon and cucumber juice.
• Essential oils – I used nutmeg and lemongrass.
• Clean empty spray bottle.
• Small plastic funnel.

Steps to follow:

Step 1: Find a clean work space and spread a newspaper to prevent any spillage form ruining workspace.

DIY Underarm Whitening and Antiperspirant Spray

Step 2: Start by adding Aloe Vera to the bottle and add a generous amount, say at least two table spoons.

DIY Underarm Whitening and Antiperspirant Spray

Step 3: Put the funnel on the bottle and carefully start pouring witch hazel and fill almost the entire bottle with it.

Step 4: Add lemon and cucumber juice to the bottle.

DIY Underarm Whitening and Antiperspirant Spray

Step 5: Add two table spoons of baking soda or as much desired till the mixture takes on a misty appearance.

DIY Underarm Whitening and Antiperspirant Spray

Step 6: Finally add a few drops of essential oils for fragrance and extra pampering.

Step 7: Vigorously shake the bottle. Lemon juice and baking soda might create a little fizzle but it soon dies out.

Step 8: Test the spray on armpits and make changes as per one’s personal preference.

Benefits of Ingredients:
• Witch Hazel: Fights acne, reduces puffy eyes, heals bruises, refreshes skin, locks in moisture and treats razor burns. It treats sun burn, eases eczema, reduces redness of face and tightens pores too!
• Aloe Vera: It is very soothing for burnt or scarred skin and works well since under arms skin is so sensitive.
• Baking soda: It is good at absorbing moisture and keeping under arms dry.
• Lemon and cucumber juice are good skin whitening agents


I am happy with my DIY project because:
• It’s cheap (Less than $10).
• Its effect last all day, even on hot summer days.
• Does not turn skin dark.
• Has no side effects.
• Will suit all skin types.

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3 thoughts on “DIY Underarm Whitening and Antiperspirant Spray

  1. I really like your DIYs Sakshi as they are innovative, cheap and effective, and also chemical free. 🙂 I like the idea of using nutmeg oil here.

  2. Hey Beauties…

    Suggest some creams for armpit whitening and Bikini line…

    I am posting first plz beauties there lets give ur valuable suggestions

    We all like to wear sliveless tops in this summer and other time also. But this dark armpit skin is the worse which makes us to wear full which cream you use for all this problem. Let me know.

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