Do These 7 Things If You Always Feel Exhausted



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Many of us feel exhausted or exerted during the middle of the day and cannot seem to pinpoint the reasons or improve our states. Here is a list of 7 things that you can do to feel less tired:

Do These 7 Things If You Always Feel Exhausted

1. Relieve Stress with Meditation

The daily routine of our lives can take a big toll on our body and mind. Anxiety is a common cause and it is very important to have a healthy mind. Anxiety can disbalance our hormone levels temporarily, leaving our body in a permanent alert or “flight or fight” mode. It is important to engage in stress-relieving activities such as meditation. Talk about your problems with a therapist or a close one. A stress free life will make you more energized and ready to take on things.

2. Adequate Amount of Training

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Everyone wants the perfect body and undergo copious amounts of training to achieve it. But, overtraining can cause a lot of fatigue, especially if the body is not getting the adequate amount of rest. Ensure that your training is aligned with your schedule. If you work out in the morning, do it early so that your muscles can get back to normal before you go for work or to college. Working out in the evening should also be accompanied with adequate rest.

3. Achieve a Full Sleep Cycle

Our work sometimes does not allow us to sleep on time. Studying for tests or assignments can sometimes extend to the early hours of the morning. This disrupts our sleep cycle and causes fatigue early in the day. Experts suggest that it takes a full week to bring the sleep pattern back to normal. If you ever pull an all nighter, try to do something that easily tires you out. That could include reading a boring textbook or going out for a short run. Slowly, the sleep cycle will be normalized and you wont miss out on any sleep.

4. Increase Water Intake

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Most people are not careful about drinking 1 to 2 litres of watera day, and that can cause our body to feel tired. Water contains minerals that fuel the body’s activities. It helps the muscles to work effectively and allow the heart to pump blood and oxygen to other parts of the body consistently. Ensure that you drink a glass of water every few hours and during meals.

5. Check for Internal Issues

You may have the perfect routine – you eat well, sleep for eight hours every day, exercise etc. However, you may face problems even then. Allergies are a common reason for unexplained tiredness. Gluten-intolerance, anemia or insulin resistance are other common conditions that may cause fatigue. In addition to consulting the doctor for advice, it would be helpful to consume a special diet to naturally deal with tiredness.

6. Get Checked For Hormonal Imbalance

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Thyroid or chronic fatigue are hormonal imbalances that are usually due to dysfunctions in certain glands of our body. Get checked for these and take medicines prescribed by your doctor. In addition, adaptogen herbs can be added to the diet that naturally bring the hormone levels back to normal.

7. Consume a Healthy Diet

Due to our fast lives, we end up eating food with low nutritive values and call it a day. It is important to consume a healthy and balanced meal in order to keep fatigue at bay. The inclusion of minerals like zinc, selenium, calcium and magnesium ensures the proper functioning of the cells in our body. Vitamin B rich and Omega 3 fatty acids rich foods are also essential for adequate protein intake and hormonal balance.

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