Poll : Do you change makeup according to seasons?

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Do you change makeup according to seasons?

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20 thoughts on “Poll : Do you change makeup according to seasons?

  1. Everyday I do different makeup….according to time and mood. And choice of clothes!

    :jaiho: :jaiho: :jaiho: :jaiho: :jaiho: Rati…..

    I have one joke to share!!!!!

    One day a wife is tired of her husband’s nagging of ” her constantly trying to keep up with beauty salons, makeup, clothes, accessories etc”……so she decides to teach him a lesson…..her way.

    She comes accross a beggar-woman and asks her “I will give you Rs.100, pls come with me to my house”….That beggar-woman is surprised, but with the chance of getting Rs.100, ofcourse she obliges…..

    Then the wife takes the beggar woman to her house and makes her sit during dinner on her table. Her husband is taken aback, but nonetheless obliges….then her wife starts asking beggar-woman questions…..

    “Do you ever go to a beauty parlour?”……
    Beggar-woman says “No ma’m, why are you doing masti-majak with me?”
    “Do you ever go to mall and get good clothes?”
    “Nahi ma’m, I dont have enough to provide my kids, how can I go to mall?”
    “Do you ever go to buy nice shoes, purses?”
    “Nahi nahi ma’m….kyu mere saath majak karte ho?”
    “So you dont ever do anything for yourself?”
    “Nahi nahi….I dont have money or time to do all this”…..

    Then the wife finally turns to husband….

    “See? she doesnt do anything…no parlour, no shopping, no fashion….cant afford, doesnt have time…doesnt care….If I dont do what I am doing, do you want me to look like her?”

    The husband gets the point. Nagging Stopped.

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