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Gurpreet Asks

I have heard many a times that honey causes greying of hair. So all these years i have never applied honey on my face or hair for the fear of it.

But I have seen on imbb that there are many packs which use honey for hair and face. please confimr how safe they are.

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12 thoughts on “Does Honey cause greying of Hair ? Ask IMBB

  1. Nope – honey is a natural humectant – it keeps the frizz away from the hair and also moisturises the skin – and its anti-bacterial. I never heard of honey having bleaching properties though ..

    1. honey has peroxides wich help in lifting the color of henna or chemical dyes….
      dont no if it turns hair grey bt ya if u hav grey hair hair dyed den dey wil show up….

  2. Does it? :sidefrown: I have a friend who has jet black hair and applies honey every week for shine. So, no, I don’t think it harms your hair. And it definitely does not harm your facial skin. I have been applying it on my face for years now and it keeps my skin happy.

  3. i have heard ppl say honey turns hair grey and its a myth. but i never had d guts to try it out on my hair though..

  4. Hi Gurupreet..
    Honey doesn’t grey the hair.. It actually might lighten your hair color.. Honey reacts with water and creates hydrogen peroxide, which is responsible for lightening hair.. But its said that the reaction is a very slow process… So the chances for the effect may be very less..

    I’ve not tried in on my hair.. But for my face i do it regularly.. Atleast once a week.. And am happy and healthy.. 🙂

    1. agreed it lightens the color due to hydrogen peroxide..but the change is only visible if you are using frequently over a long duration… heard somewhere. I have tried honey with henna packs made my hair more soft such issues faced by me atleast *touchwood*

  5. O thank you every one for the great responses. This information was given to me by a parlour lady.. so i was scared since them. But as many of you have used them safely. i guess i will go by you words now ..

  6. I find eating a tsp of the cheapest honey actually makes the hair softer and its takes the grey away, I been taking honey by mouth for about a month so it does take awhile but it works!

  7. Honey does lighten hair. It is used in a lot of hair treatments to lighten hair. So, it’s not really an Indian myth, it is true.

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