Dolce & Gabbana Lipstick Magnetic Monica 120 Review, Swatch, FOTD

dolce gabbana lipstick magnetic monica review

Claims : An utra-moisturizing, creamy lipstick inspired by the vibrant and delicate colors of the Sicilian rose.
What it does:
The Classic Cream Lipstick’s luxurious formulation provides bold color that is both provocative and disarming. With smoothness that exudes sensuality, this truly sublime lipstick glides along the lips with a moisturizing, color-consistent application. Each shade is as rich and passionate as it is feminine.

My Experience with Dolce & Gabbana Classic Cream Lipstick Magnetic Monica
Ever since I have tried a Dolce & Gabbana lipstick, I have wanted to pick another shade from the range. I use the shade 140 way too much considering how many other lipsticks I have in my collection already. So on a recent trip, I picked up this lipstick in the shade Magnetic Monica 120. A range of shades in these classic cream lipsticks are named after the very hot Monica Bellucci. She also has her signature in red on the cap of the lipstick. Magnetic Monica 120 is a gorgeous mauve. It’s more like a softer wine color in creamy finish.

The packaging is gorgeous all gold case. There is Dolce & Gabbana embossed on the cap on one side and one side has Monica Bellucci’s signature.  The lipstick bullet has DG engraved on the side.

It is a very pigmented lipstick and just one swipe gives a full on pigmentation. As the name says, it is a very classic old school lipstick that one can never go wrong with. It feels creamy and moisturising on lips. The staying power is around 6-7 hours one me and it leaves a lovely pinkish stain behind. I have been wearing this color oflate since it is more like a wintery shade. Although I like to wear deeper wine lip colors too but I feel this is easier to pull off on most days.

The lipstick does not smudge or settle in fine lines. The finish is satiny/creamy. The lipstick feels weightless on lips. It’s not the thick creamy kind of a texture. The texture is thin and feels extremely comfortable on lips. The lipstick feels very luxurious and high quality. It does not dry out the lips. The lipstick feels very moisturising for an hour or so then it settles to a more comfortable wear- neither drying nor hydrating. I also feel that this lipstick makes your lips look smoother.

These lipsticks have a faint rosy smell to them. I love it. Some people may not.
Honestly, I could not recommend this range of lipstick enough. I was so obsessed with my previous D&G Classic cream lipstick that I picked up another shade from the range. What more do I say… 😀
Rating : 5/5

dolce gabbana lipstick magnetic monica dolce gabbana lipstick magnetic monica review, swatch dolce-gabbana-lipstick dolce-gabbana-lipstick-magnetic-monica-review-1 dolce gabbana lipstick magnetic monica dolce-gabbana-lipstick-magnetic-monica-review-3 Swatch :dolce gabbana lipstick magnetic monica swatch
FOTD :dolce gabbana lipstick magnetic monica fotd

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8 thoughts on “Dolce & Gabbana Lipstick Magnetic Monica 120 Review, Swatch, FOTD

  1. Wow Ratiji,

    A lovely shade and looks really great on you, looks very beautiful on your lips and the swatch rather than the tube. A must have shade???

    Love & regards

  2. As sexy as Monica herself. Love the shade and of course how well you have carried it. I have also started to fall for such deep shades.

  3. i know its a lipstick review but I love ur eye makeup… always! its so perfect. I wish i could get to apply liquid liner like u do. a tutorial would do 😛

  4. This shade is looking lovely on you Rati…Please do a favorite lipstick post – Top 5 at the moment.

    I never tried this brand…so in love with the gold packaging….

  5. Whoa wat packaging…??… So many brands i want to pick up.. I think ill hav to pack my bags and head to sum foreign destination✈️… N hey rati i agree wid renji do a top 5 posts … Pls

  6. Pure Luxury. It looks amazing on you and the eye makeup is perfect too. I am already thinking about a dress of mine this shade would look perfect with 😛

  7. Thats an absolutely gorgeous colour. I see myself gravitating towards such shades nowadays. Loved it on you! What blush have you paired it with…its very subtle and yet becoming!

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