Don’t Go Grocery Shopping When Hungry! Here’s Why!

There’s a funny quote that goes like this – “Don’t go grocery shopping when hungry, don’t give your heart when lonely :P” In both the situations, there’s a high likelihood of making wrong decisions because when hungry, cravings can push you to make impulsive choices that would cater to satisfy immediate cravings and similarly, loneliness can make you totally ignore all the red flags and jump into wrong kind of relationship 😛 In the context of food, these impulsive choices to satisfy immediate cravings can derail your weight loss goals! Even though the above-mentioned quote underlines the importance of making choices when in a balanced and rational state of mind, we would skip doling out relationship advice, and would like to further explain why you shouldn’t go grocery shopping while hungry, particularly when trying to lose weight. Here’s why!

dont go grocery shopping while hungry heres why

When you are trying to lose weight, every calorie counts, and that’s why cutting down on high-calorie food and eliminating ultra-processed foods with loads of empty calories, would help you to maintain a calorie deficit, which is absolutely necessary to burn fat, whether it’s overall body fat or belly fat. Experts say we should eat more nutrient-dense food that would provide essential vitamins, minerals, protein, healthy fats, complex carbs, and other nutrients, while minimizing empty calories through junk food. A good place to add more nutrient-dense food and eliminate high-calorie and junk food at the same time would be while grocery shopping. But here’s an expert tip – don’t go grocery shopping while hungry. Because believe it or not, your growling stomach will push you to pick the wrong kind of snacks and food products!

Even if you are shopping online for groceries, do so when you are full because even a temporary state of hunger can greatly influence your food choices, making high-calorie, sugary, and salty foods more appealing. Our inclination to opt for high-calorie foods when in a starvation mode has been passed down during the evolutionary process, where our ancestors looked for energy-dense food because they weren’t sure when their next meal would be available! This is also the main reason starvation and crash diets do not work! In modern times, when high-calorie food is abundantly available everywhere, particularly in grocery stores, and inexpensive too, this trait can lead to overeating and weight gain! Also read: “10 Must-Have Basic Items On Your Weekend Grocery List.”

So, to avoid poor food choices, impulse purchases, and to make healthy choices, avoid going to the grocery store when hungry. In such a state, we tend to make unhealthy food choices, often picking high-calorie, sugary, high-sodium, convenient, and ready-to-eat items. Studies also show that we spend a lot in total amount when we are picking food off supermarket aisles on an empty stomach. Temporary cravings would influence you to pick the wrong kind of food and you are more likely to end up with instant, hyperpalatable, and sugary treats to curb hunger pangs instantly jeopardizing your weight loss journey.

Summing up, always go shopping for groceries with a prepared list, and if you are looking for weight-loss friendly grocery list, find it on the Rati Beauty app. If you are going in between meals, opt for a healthy snack, something like peanut butter with apple wedges (rich in protein plus healthy fats which would keep you satiated for long hours and curb unhealthy cravings) or nuts with Greek yogurt (again a good combo of healthy fats and protein). Do remember, a well-planned grocery list is like the compass guiding you through the twists and turns of your weight loss journey.

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