Dos and Don’ts While You Are Pregnant: Keep Your Skin Safe!

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One of the most beautiful phases in the life of a woman is PREGNANCY!! It can be confusing and beautiful both at the same time. You will have to make sure that your health is in good shape in order to give birth to a healthy baby. While you are pregnant, you have to see each and every ingredient that goes into your body while also what goes on the outside. Most women tend to go all natural and organic while they are pregnant, but that isn’t completely necessary to overhaul your beauty regimen.

Dos and Don'ts In Pregnancy Skin Care1

You can instead opt for subtle changes by following the tips listed below:

What You Need to Watch Out for?

Some of the ingredients in skin care products are a completely NO-NO during pregnancy and they have to be avoided no matter what! This is because they tend to get absorbed in the bloodstream and the body when you put them on your skin. The rule of the thumb is to stay away from products that contain parabens and also those that are not approved by FDA. If a product is approved by FDA, it is generally very safe to use. Listed below are ingredients that fall into the DON’Ts category in pregnancy:

Ingredients You Need to Avoid While You Are Pregnant

Ingredients in Acne Treatment Products:

During pregnancy, skin undergoes a lot of hormonal changes due to which one can experience skin eruptions or oily skin. If you are someone who normally has a clear skin, then your doctor may prescribe antibiotics to help treat your area of worry. While you are pregnant, it is suggested that you avoid benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid; however, a smaller percentage of salicylic acid which is about 2 percent and 5 percent or lower of benzoyl peroxide is considered to be safe to use. Some people opt for accutane to treat their acne and retinol to prevent aging; both of these ingredients should be nowhere close to your skin, no matter how important they are for your beauty regime. There has been no research on the concept that retinol is bad for your skin, but it is still suggested that you avoid it, just to be on the safe side, because oral intake of such medications may lead to abnormalities during birth or after.

Dos and Don'ts In Pregnancy Skin Care2

Ingredients in Brightening Products:

Most of the women believe that soy protein is good for their skin, due to all its natural properties, but little do we know that the topical use of soy may lead to darkening of dark patches caused during pregnancy. Another product that you need to be away from completely is hydroquinone; one of the main reasons for this is because hydroquinone is an ingredient that is not thoroughly tested.

What Ingredients Are Safe to Use During Pregnancy?

Dos and Don'ts In Pregnancy Skin Care3

Products with AHAs that include lactic acid or glycolic acid are safe to use while pregnant. Other than AHAs, sun screens with an SPF of 15 are completely safe to use during pregnancy. Also, if you have really sensitive skin, then it is better to use sun protection with zinc oxide or titanium oxide. You can also use hydro essential oil blends or nontoxic essential oils in a quantity less than 2 percent.

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