Double Winged Eye Liner Tutorial

Silver-Grey Smokey Look with double-winged liner tutorial

Hello IMBB beauties, hope you all are doing fine. Its long since I did any tutorial about make-up. So I decided to go again for a dramatic look. I love to experiment eye make-up. And usually I end up with something messy. But rarely I find something worth sharing. And this is one of them. I have big, round, bulging eyes so I like to experiment with liners. And I love the classic winged liner look. I really loved it on Kangana in the move Once upon a time in Mumbai. Since then I had been curious to try out. Since I succeeded (somewhat), I thought of sharing it here. Hope you like it. Since this was my first attempt do suggestions are welcome. :*

So this is what we are working on today, the complete look

complete look

Just the eyes,

Double winged eye liner

So lets get started…..
Since we are aiming on dramatic eyes. Make sure you apply your concealer and foundation after you’re done with the eyes. The reason is you’ll have lot of e/s fall out and end up having darker cheeks while brushing out the fall outs. So I insist on doing the rest of the face later.
Step 1:
Prime your eyes with your favorite concealer and eye primer. I will mention list of products I have used at the end of tutorial with photos.

prep and prime

Step 2:
Now take a shimmery pearl white e/s and highlight the browbone and tear duct area. In dramatic look apply highlighter first so that it gives you an idea how to blend the darker colors on the lid. At the end you can touch up with more highlighter if required. :))

shimmering white eyeshadow

shimmering white eyeshadow

Step 3-
Grab a silver eye-liner pencil and apply on the inner eye lid. This step is optional if you have a nice silver e/s. Since I did not have I used a pencil liner of similar shade.

silver eye liner

silver eye liner

Should look something like this…..

silver eye liner

Step 4-

grey eyeshashadow
Now with a flat eye shadow brush pick up some matte grey e/s and and apply on the silver liner. This is also optional if you have the silver e/s. I used this to set my liner.

grey eyeshashadow

Step 5-
Now use a darker grey and pat it with the same flat shader brush on the centre of the eye lid and blend it lightly with the silver e/s.

dark grey eyeshashadow

dark grey eyeshashadow

Something like this…..

Step 6-
Now take a gun metal grey e/s and apply it on the outer half of the lid blending it with the centre e/s color.

gunmetal grey

gunmetal grey

Step 7-
Now with a small pencil brush or small soft dome brush pick up matte black e/s and apply on the outer corner. Start with a V-shape as shown in pic and then blend it inwards.

In the end you should have something like this.

outer V

Step 8-
Apply a silver e/s in the inner corner near tear duct to pop up your eyes.

silver inner corner

Step 9-
Now comes the crucial part of the look. Lining the eyes.
Use a thin eye-liner brush with gel liner. You can also use liquid liner but it will be tricky to do. If you can manage well and good. I suggest to use a thin brush liquid liner to get perfect lines.

Black gel eyeliner

Start with the inner corner. Follow the eye contour of upper lashline and extend the liner outwards in an arch form. Do a parallel line almost 2 mm apart extending from lower lashline. Something like shown below in the pic…

Black gel eyeliner

You need to line the outer corner in upward tilt i.e. wing it outside. This will make it dramatic.

winged eyeliner

Stretch your eyes a little while making the wing on the outer corner of lashline.


Again do the similar parallel winged outline on lower lashline leaving apart some distance from the top one. This is what you mean by double-winged liner.

winged eyeliner

Now fill in the gaps. And make the liner as thick as you like. Since I have big and bulgy eyes, I like my liner to be thick.
Step 10-
Lastly take the silver eye pencil or e/s and apply it in between the double wing liners (this will make the double wing obvious)

silver eye liner between wings

This is how it looks finally.

double winged eyeliner complete double winged eyeliner complete

Curl lashes and apply lots of Mascara.

double winged eyeliner complete

Keep the rest of the face simple.
I have applied a soft plum blush and a nude lipstick with a plum pink lipgloss.

Hope you like the final look.
It’s very classic and dramatic. This will look good for parties. You can try it with different colors.
If you want to make this look subtle….just apply a soft brown e/s and do the double winged liner. :*
My final look.

Products used:
• M.A.C Painterly paintpot (primer)
• Oriflame e/s Sugar crystal (shimmery white)
• Oriflame eye pencil in Silver
• Light grey from VOV palette (inner lid color)
• Oriflame e/s Moonlight grey (centre lid color)
• Avon quad darkest shade ( gun metal grey for outer lid color)
• Matte black e/s from VOV palette (outer V)
• M.A.C e/s Idol eyes (tear duct)
• M.A.C Blacktrack fluidline
• Avon SuperExtend Mascara
• Oriflame lash curler (not picturised)
Brushes- M.A.C 239 and 217, Ambika Pillai small soft dome brush, Vega eyeliner brush.

For face:
• M.A.C select cover up concealer
• Revlon Colorstay foundation ( I prefer this over my M.A.C studio tech for pictures)
• Avon bronzing pearls
• M.A.C blush in plum foolery
Brushes-Ambika Pillai cheek contour brush and buffer brush.

For lips-
• Avon lip liner in Nude
• Oriflame triple core lipstick in Spectacular nude
• M.A.C plushglass

Hope you enjoyed.
Give me your precious feedbacks.
Jinal. :* :*

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    1. hey Farha…..not at all!!! O:) O:)
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    only i think silver highlighter is takin a lil thunder away from this awesome look…

    1. thanks Neha…..I guess the dramatic look demanded that highlighter…….but I’ll try ssome other highlighter nxt time….thanx for suggestion :thanks: :thanks:

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