Dove Beauty Body Wash- Review

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Hope everyone is doing well. I have been away from IMBB for quite some time and I missed you all very much. Today there will be no video or picture tutorial but rather I’ll be writing my FIRST REVIEW ever.. Hope u all enjoy !

Dove Body Wash

So, recently I purchased Dove Beauty Body wash which claims to leave the skinclean, fresh and hydrated. I picked up the Fresh Moisture Range. Dove has introduced three new ranges so that you can treat your skin with the care it deserves.The three Ranges are Creme , Fresh Moisture and Gentle Exfoliating. Each range has dedicated products.

In the Creme range you can find Dove Creme beauty bar which replenishes your skin’s lost moisture , Dove beauty moisture facial foam and Dove Beauty Body wash.

The Fresh Moisture range is enriched with 1/4 hydrating milk cucumber and green tea extact.

The Gentle Exfoliating range contains micro blue beads that exfoliate your skin to get rid of dead skin cells gently.

So that was a brief up of the products available in India. Dove offers a complete skin care range to suit all skin types.

So, lets talk about the Fresh Moisture body wash. When first time I saw the bottle, I found it cute, the design is different from the regular body wash bottles its wide from the middle and tapering from the top.

Dove Body Wash - Cucumber anD Green Tea

It smells really good and it do feel fresh and rejuvenating. The cucumber and green tea scent making your bathing experience all more enjoyable and relaxing .

Cucumber can claim to be a water body as it has 90% water. It is known to be a cooling agent due to the water in it. where as, green tea not only promotes good health but also makes you look younger.My  sister hand I have been using this for the past few days.I am completely loving it !! But my sister feels thats it is just OK !! Not that great !! It does make my skin feel soft and it leaves a pleasant smell that lasts pretty long. My sister feels that its lather is not that rich but I disagree with her. The lather is pretty creamy , because of the 1/4 hydrating milk and moisture you cannot expect to have rich and super creamy lather.

Take for example : When we shampoo our hair after oiling the lather we get is less as compared when we wash our hair without oiling (using the same shampoo).

Dove Body Wash

So, the lather is totally justified !! I spend major part of my day out and due to the sun and dust my skin dries up. The first day when I used this Dove Body wash I  left home without moisturizer and to my surprise my skin was still soft
and mildly scented  when I returned home.

The only DRAWBACK, as per me,  is that it does not rinse off easily , reason being the same that it is moisturizing . If you are clumsy like me and rush up things at the last moment then you will also feel the same. Its not the products fault it just me who rushes up because I am already late for classes !! sigh !!

MAY NOT WORK GOOD ON OILY SKIN… i just feel so.. can’t really say.

You get 200 ml for MRP Rs. 125 , quantity is good as per the price, should give it a try !!
[As on the back of the bottle.]

Dove has combined its 1/4 hydrating milk with the uplifting scent of cucumber and green tea for a body wash that can refresh – and  cause for skin leaving skin feeling clean , fresh and hydrated.

Don’t use occasionally. In skin care, everyday is everything.

RATING: Can’t rate the product, it worked perfectly for me but different people may get different results because of different skin needs and different skin types!! (used different a lot…lolzz)

So, hope you enjoyed the review and do lemme know about your experience if you have tried it !!

Love ya !! see u soon !!


16 thoughts on “Dove Beauty Body Wash- Review

  1. I use “Dove Gentle Exfoliating” its a mild exfoliator with tiny granules leaves your soft n supple its great for everyday use 🙂

  2. Nice revier Deeptima 🙂 🙂 . I have this product too and I love it. I have dry, but super sensitive skin and I find this not only moisturizing, but the smell doesn’t irritate my skin. Totally love it!

    1. Ame even my skin is sensitive…. its works best for me !!

      Btw pictures in this post need to be edited, and there is power cut at Rati’s place … she’ll be editing it soon !! 🙂

  3. yay!! I have used this before and I used to love it. Since I have dry skin so may be that’s the reason I never felt that it left any soapy cast behind. Used to find it very refreshing. Since I don’t repurchase stuff because i like to keep trying new things. This is something I can always go back to. 🙂

    Glad you are also enjoying it. 🙂

  4. I used to be a big fan of Dove for many years ever since it first came out..untill they put this nutra thing in’s not the same my skin is no where as soft and silky as it used to be, and never will be i’m afraid to say,as i will be swicthing to another brand, i wish maufactureres would stop changing things about!!!!!! so bloody annoying! : :X

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