Dove Calming Night Body Wash Review

Dove Calming Night Body Wash

Namrata Jain

Hi IMBBians,

I am so glad my first review article got so many great responses. Trust me it is a great motivation and hence I am here again today to review a body wash: Dove Calming Night Body Wash.

Product description from the Dove website:

Made with a smoothing, soothing blend of Dove® ¼ moisturizing cream, Dove® Calming Night™ Beauty Body Wash renews skin’s lost moisture, and has a sensuous fragrance to calm a tired soul. Use nightly for best results.


Dove’s sales pitch written on the bottle:

“Prepare yourself for your beauty sleep with Dove Calming Night Body Wash. The moisturizing formula of Dove, with soothing honey and Vitamin A works together with the warmth of the shower to regenerate the look and feel of your skin’s surface, while a sensual fragrance embraces your body and relaxes your senses.”

Price: The bottle I purchased was the 24 fl. oz. size and I paid about $11.

My Experience with Dove Calming Night Body Wash

Dove Calming Night Body Wash comes packaged in a dark blue plastic bottle with white/gold writing and a gold Dove on the front. The bottle also has a convenient flip-top lid. I have to give the marketing and package design department kudos because the bottle was very eye-catching, and the dark blue color of the bottle really did make me think of night time.

The body wash itself is a white color and has a very nice thick and creamy texture. The wash lathers up very nicely, and it only takes a small bit of the cream to produce a whole lot of lather. I was concerned that the large amount of lather would leave some residue on m skin, but it seemed to rinse of nicely without a lot of extra effort.


After using the body wash, my skin was left feeling very soft, and the softness silky feeling lasted for the rest of the evening. Another thing I liked was that I didn’t have to use extra lotions for moisture.

Now let’s talk about the “selling points” Dove advertises.

Scent: The scent was a bit too overpowering for me, and instead of relaxing me, it did just the opposite. I was afraid that since the scent was so powerful in the shower that I would smell it all day, but that was not the case.

Calming: Showers and baths in general usually relax me, and I don’t think the body wash had anything to do with it. Plus as I said, the scent was too strong for me to really relax.

Regenerating: I didn’t see any of the “regenerating” effects on my skin, even after using an entire bottle.


All in all, I think that the Dove Calming Night Body wash is a pretty good product. It moisturizes & softens the skin, but be prepared for the strong flowery scent. Perhaps you should get a sample somewhere before spending the money on a full bottle.

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