Dove Damage Solutions Intense Repair Shampoo Review

Dove Damage Solutions Intense Repair Shampoo

Hey guys

Today I am going to review my first shampoo from Dove ‘Intense Repair’, from their new range called damage solutions which is with keratin actives. I have heard from a lot of people that Dove causes hairfall but there are even more number of people who have told me that they have been using it since 9-10 years and I have to tell you…They have gorgeous hair! So even I wanted to try it out, as my hair is fine, damaged and dull, I went for this variant.


Price: Rs. 135 and you get a conditioner free with it from the same range.

Quantity: 180 ml

Packaging: Usual white Dove packaging with flip-open cap but nothing good or bad about it.

What Dove says about it:-

They contain keratin actives that go deep within, to help rebuild damaged hair at the cellular level. It makes your hair beautifully smooth, strong and resilient to damage. Intense repair strengthens the hair from the root. This is a part of Dove damage solutions range.

My experience with Dove Damage Solutions Intense Repair Shampoo:-

Dove shampoos have been around since long. Their ads are everywhere and we can completely identify with women they show in their advertisements. This is a very light and mild shampoo which is great for cleansing your scalp and hair. I used this with conditioner from the same range and it did really make my hair a bit smooth and shiny. I claims to reduce hairfall after 6 wash cycles and I have seen much less hairfall since I have started using this. It has a typical Dove smell which I like. It’s easy to wash and produces amazing lather. I don’t know about the keratin actives claim but this shampoo has actually made my hair smooth and glossy. It’s a very good everyday shampoo and it’s easy on the pocket too! It has reduced my hairfall and makes my hair feel light.  This is not my HG shampoo but till I find one, I am going to stick to this.


Pros of Dove Damage Solutions Intense Repair Shampoo:-

– Makes my hair smooth and clean.
– Easy to wash and lathers enough.
– Easy on the pocket.
– Reduced my hairfall to an extent.
– Good quantity
– No annoying smell.


Cons of Dove Damage Solutions Intense Repair Shampoo:-

– Contains chemicals but not a con for me.

Overall a great mild cleansing shampoo which actually does what it claims.

IMBB rating: – 4/5

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    1. yeah rati even my friends swear by dove..but i think if u use one shampoo and one conditioner for 3-4 years continuously your hair starts loving i too…we just buy different shampoos every time for the sake of novelty and then suffer..

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