Dove Damage Therapy Hair Fall Rescue Shampoo Review

Dove Damage Therapy Hair Fall Rescue Shampoo Review

Today reviewing dove damage therapy in hair fall rescue which I have been using for the past 2 weeks.

And here is the complete range of dove which was introduced a while ago:

Dive Hairfall rescue shampoo

Here is Rati’s post on the introduction of the complete new range:

Dove hair fall Therapy shampoo is the latest innovative product by Dove, it’s a shampoo which just doesn’t help prevent hair fall but also helps in making it soft and smooth. I have been suffering from these hair fall problem since ages and I have tried plenty of products to curb the hair fall but most of them did so temporarily and sooner or later it again starts falling.

Here is the list of shampoos and more products from the dove website. Some of them are as of now not available in India:


The shampoo is very mild, and it’s moisture based. So after shampooing every time, I get problem free hair. Well almost. My hair is very prone to hair fall due to tangles and the tips of my hair are getting dry. I see to it that when I used this Dove therapy shampoo that I dilute it with water before applying it unto my hair, so the shampoo is not too strong when I massage it in to my scalp and hair. Also due to continuous rebonding of hair over the past 4 years (done twice) I feel my hair is very dry and limps. It’s got no natural volume or shine and due the changing weather of north India it really gets prone to falling.
I know there is no permanent solution to the hair fall apart from eating healthy and nourishing my hair by oiling but being a human being and a girl over that am on a continuous hunt for products not to just suit my needs but err I confess sometimes also to decorate my washroom shelves.

Dove damage therpay hair fall rescue

Yes multi brand packed they do look colourful and bazaar

Lately many big brands including dove have been digging deep in the Indian markets. And introduction of new and more confusing ranges is no big deal. Gone are the days when we just had the choice of 3 bands in makeup and 5 in skin care.

One of friends has been a loyal user of dove for god knows how many years at least 4 since the time I have been with her and she seems to swear by it. It’s her hg.

My beauty therapist used to warn me about the detoriating condition of my hair. But I just ignored it as I had no time for my hair. Yes you heard it right. No time for myself. And I know how much I repent over that belief of mine.

I normally oiled it washed it and tied it in a bun never ever to leave it open or hardly to straighten and blow dry it.

I thought further blow drying my already treated hair would dry them even more.
I have now learnt a lesson, never fiddle with your skin or hair, once damaged; you have to pay a huge price for it.
So I was all the way more reluctant after my rebonding to try for anything apart from matrix or L’Oreal (were recommended by the hair stylist). “Dove” as the adverts highlighted the moisturizing qualities of the shampoo with regular application.
So 2 weeks of application and initial staring off with dry damaged and super thirsty hair I list the pros and


Dove damage therpay hair fall rescue

Shampoo and Conditioner: Hair Fall Rescue shampoo and conditioner are developed to provide gentle care especially while rinsing. It’s a complete hair care regime that challenges hair fall from the root

• Shampoo is priced at Rs 3/- for 8 ml; Rs 64/- for 100 ml; Rs 117/- for 200 ml and Rs 205/- for 375 ml
• Conditioner is priced at Rs 4/- for 7.5 ml; Rs 69/- for 90 ml and Rs 125/- for 180 ml
• Treatment Mask: Hair Fall Rescue treatment masks acts as a protective layer and strengthens your hair, making them resilient to external factors of damage. Priced at Rs 215/- for 200 ml
• Combing Serum: Hair Fall Rescue Combing Serum instantly smoothens and reduces combing friction thereby effectively reducing hair fall. Priced at Rs 250/- for 40 ml

Application: I wash my long hair 2 times a week. Follow it up with a conditioner and a matrix serum.I try to oil it before I wash and I make sure I do not apply the shampoo directly on my hair or scalp but dilute it before.

Pros of Dove Damage Therapy Hair Fall Rescue

• The smell is divine
• Consistency is watery a little more liquid than other shampoos
• It does a dual job of shampoo and conditioner.YOU really do not need much conditioner
• Has a detangling effect
• The price is decent for Rs 205
• The flip clap is easy to operate in shower
• Hair is shinier
• Doesn’t damage treated here more.
• Hair is softer

Pros of Dove Damage Therapy Hair Fall Rescue

• No reduction in hair fall whatsoever
• Does not do what it claims
• I feel leaves my hair all the more flat
• It makes my scalp itch. Maybe because it is so much treated already

Nut shell I give it a :-* :-* and am not buying this again even for decoration purposes.


Fly girl

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Mad about the ad I thought to use this dove shampoo and I am surprised with the results my dry and dull hair has turned into soft and smooth silky hair thanks fove
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67 thoughts on “Dove Damage Therapy Hair Fall Rescue Shampoo Review

  1. Dove shampoos have only suited me for a few days and then I always see my hair going down the drain.. :(( Glad I didnt get tempted to try the new range.. although the one fourth moisturising cream always sounds so tempting. 😀

    1. i hav been suffering from same problem as i have done rebonding twice in three yrs. i had a horrible hair fall, itching scalp, dead-dry, Unmanageable hair. but i used mahabhringraj oil twice a week with dove hair fall rescue shampoo & my hair felt like silk. hair fall reduced by 50% in a first week itself……loved it :pigtail:

  2. i have also tried this Range but I came out with the Results.. “I HATE DOVE…” :spank: :spank: :spank: :spank:

      1. im planning for TBS now as per your Patidev suggestion.. :waytogo: i hope it works for my frizzy, wavy hairs.. :headbang: :headbang:

  3. Dear the heading of both pros and cons section is “Pros of Dove Damage Therapy Hair Fall Rescue” You have not mentioned other cons of the product is that it contains sodium lauryth sulfate and dimethicone as conditioner.Please donot use this, in long run,it will entirely damage all your hair.

  4. glad you all are with me ladies.
    yes rati the moisture part is what that attracted me as i have been on limitless research for something drug store and which would make my dry hair go back to normal :lamp:

  5. I used dove shampoos for an year and I have finally come to a conclusion that they do make your hair feel and look good but only on the day of washing them after that they just go more and more limp. The residue in the scalp is like wayyyy too much. They cannot clean the scalp at all ! Thanks to these dove shampoos,my scalp turned from dry to oily 😐 😐 😐

  6. even I tried this but for me it works in the shower well….and later it makes my hair more frizzy after drying :((

    Hello everyone…… :yahoo: :yahoo:

    1. Hello Jinal.. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: u r Back. :woot: :woot: .. how was d trip.. :jiggy2: :jiggy2: we missed you sooo very much.. :puchhi: :puchhi:

      1. hello Swaati…..I am still in Delhi :))
        Just got my Jiju’s lappy to reply.
        me missing you all too :puchhi:

  7. never used dove shampooz…. 😐 😐 😐
    n dnt even intend to now :vampire: :vampire: :vampire: :vampire:
    :thanks: :thanks: :thanks: rauni…. :puchhi: :puchhi:

    1. o yes yes, she s here… we r planning a group meet.. u hav to com :snicker: :snicker: :snicker: :snicker:

    1. ohooo…wait me will send u.. n me using fab india vit e skin cream thz days..evn dats gudd for oily skin :victory2: :victory2:

  8. mujhko bus acne moist de do.
    me tried to find lotus aloe hydra gel
    the tea tree gel is shit pot aisa :poop:

  9. hmmmmm….this seems like proving the thought that they just brought old products in new packaging!! 😛 😛 😛 Nice review flygirl!! :waytogo: :

  10. yes kimi thanku but its a waste.
    also nu vo group meet vala message ab dekha mene.kab hain?mein koshish kar sakti hu aftr the exam gets over :shy:

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  17. I had a big problem with my hair fall :smug: but now I dnt know that what is hair fall so i love Dove hair fall rescue
    Thanks Dove :thanks:

  18. hi every one,

    please suggest which shampoo should i opt or hair fall. i m so confused
    recently i have shifted in hyderabad from delhi and my hair started falling like anything
    please suggest me a good shampoo.


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  20. just bought dove hair fall rescue. lets see what it does. based on reviews i think himalaya’ anti-hair hall shampoo also works.. 🙄

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  27. I always make a thorough research on products that I’m usually planning on buying with the help of this website, wish I had read this review before buying this shampoo & conditioner. The packaging is so good and the advertisments made it so alluring that I thought of giving it a shot even when I have had the same experience almost 4 years back. It did not do anything that it claims. Its a toatal fail and I’m never trying dove again.

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  29. i hav been suffering from same problem as i have done rebonding twice in three yrs. i had a horrible hair fall, itching scalp, dead-dry, Unmanageable hair. but i used mahabhringraj oil twice a week with dove hair fall rescue shampoo & my hair felt like silk. hair fall reduced by 50% in a first week itself……loved it :pigtail:

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  40. I had used dove damage therapy for 3 to 4 weeks but it doesn’t work. my hair didn’t stop falling 🙁
    but yes it got more softer then before. could u plz give me some suggestion that what should I do now

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  44. Dove hairfall treatment range is a good product bt it doesn’t serve as it claims.Dove products mainly make n kp hair soft n detangled n evn straighten my hair,bt they don’t prevent hairfall.evn its increased.However,it’s solved the rough n dry hair problem.n is very much effective fr split end rescue.Infact,I’m using Dove shampoo n conditioner fr 3yrs or more.N cn claim tht Dove solves any hair problem only except hair fall.

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