Dove Derma Spa Goodness Hand Cream Review

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Today’s review is about Dove Derma Spa Goodness Hand Cream.

Dove Derma Spa Goodness Hand Cream Review

Product Description:
Goodness hand cream is our first spa-like treatment to blend omega oil and Surface Cell-Moisturisers™.This fast-absorbing hand cream transforms dry skin in three beautiful ways: for even-looking, luminous skin, that feels velvety soft.Your hands work hard every day. So you should indulge them every day with Goodness³ hand cream.We gathered together the people who know skin and the people who know beauty and came up with Surface Cell-Moisturisers – key moisturising actives compressed from natural seed oils. We then blended this with omega oil, creating an indulgent formula.The result? Goodness that works at the heart of your skin cells*, taking care of your hands from deep down, leaving you with even-looking, luminous, velvety-soft skin – a triple treat for your skin.Dove DermaSpa. Spa Experience. Dermatological Care.*Within the Stratum Corneum.

How to Use:
Apply our rich hand cream morning and/or night or whenever skin feels dry. Massage in gently from fingertips to wrists, including the nails and cuticles.

€ 3 for 75ml approximately 210 INR for 75ml

My Experience with Dove Derma Spa Goodness Hand Cream:

I love the way it looks and feels from the outside. It has a very cute packaging. The tube is plastic but the soft kind of plastic. The finish of the tube is satiny. It feels so good to just hold it. The tube is mostly white with a bronze gold cap. Few of the letters are also gold in color. Packaging looks luxurious like very expensive brands. The tube has a screw lid which has to be twisted for opening and closing.

Not many twists to close and open, but just one twist is sufficient. I still would have preferred a flap lid over the screw lid. The screw lid makes it very safe to travel with especially in handbag for everyday use though. The tube is not very big, but thin and long. It fits easily in a handbag and doesn’t take too much of a space. It’s a very mild packaging but extremely attractive.

Dove Derma Spa Goodness Hand Cream Review1

The hand cream is off white in color with creamy consistency like many other hand creams. The hand cream is very easy to spread over the hand and palm and it gets absorbed within seconds. A very little amount is sufficient for my hands.

The fragrance is very mild. I can assure you that most of you will love the way it smells. It has a note of vanilla, succulent coconut and musk fragrance with citrus, ginger and apple. The fragrance also lasts quite some time. I was surprised with the staying power. For sure the fragrance is mild, but it lasts long on the hands.

Dove Derma Spa Goodness Hand Cream Review2

The hand cream leaves my hand silky smooth and soft. This hand cream is targeted for dry skin. I have very dry hands and love the way it feels after application. My hands don’t feel dry at all for the whole day. I apply it once and wash my hand with soap once a day, and still even after washing, my hands feel moisturized. The product has not caused any kind of irritation or redness. It’s suitable for sensitive skin.

Dove Derma Spa Goodness Hand Cream Review4

It’s a drugstore product, but the looks and results are that of a spa product. The pricing is little high when compared to other drugstore hand creams, but it’s totally worth the price. I cannot recommend it enough. It makes a perfect gift for someone you care.

Dove Derma Spa Goodness Hand Cream Review3

Pros of Dove Derma Spa Goodness Hand Cream:

• Lovely packaging
• Gets easily absorbed into the skin
• Non sticky/oily
• Lightly perfumed
• Worth the price
• Spa-like product
• Leaves hands silky smooth and well moisturized
• Perfect for dry skin
• Suitable for sensitive skin

Cons of Dove Derma Spa Goodness Hand Cream:

• Screw cap (I prefer flap lid for ease of use)

IMBB Rating:

Would I Repurchase Dove Derma Spa Goodness Hand Cream?
I love the way it moisturises my hands. My hands don’t feel dry after washing with soap; I love this part. I will surely repurchase it.

Would I Recommend Dove Derma Spa Goodness Hand Cream?
It’s a must try for everyone out there especially if you have dry, flaky hands, especially during winter months. It is loaded with goodness. Pamper your hands with spa-kind product and you will fall in love with it.

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