Dove Go Fresh Body Wash Review

Dove Go Fresh Body Wash Review

Hi All,

Today I will be reviewing the Dove Go Fresh (NutriumMoisture) Body wash series. Some of these were sold earlier too but without the NutriumMoisture addition. I purchased the following body washes from the new series:

Dove Go Fresh Energise Body Wash with Grapefruit and Lemongrass

dove 2
What it claims – An energising boost in the morning

What I feel – this one is a very light foamy kind of formula which has some small beads in it. Somethinglike a very fine scrub. And that I feel is its major plus point. It gives a good gentle scrub to your skin and adds to it the citrusy smell of grape fruit and lemon grass. It feels so fresh. You feel like you have been transported to a citrus garden. A wonderful energised beginning to your day
This has been reviewed earlier on IMBB – but if you look at the swatch of the product in the earlier review – it is transparent with tiny beads. The new body wash is milky (creamy) with yellow particles.

Dove Beauty Care Body wash Revive – Pomegranate and Lemon verbena

What it claims – Is designed to nourish and replenish skin. Dove Visible Care gives softer, smoother skin in 7 days and visibly more beautiful skin in 3 weeks. Its secret is the unique Nutrium Moisture formula containing natural moisturisers that help improve skin’s condition over time.

What I feel – I used this body wash for more than a month and I did not find any noticeable change in my skin’s condition because of it. It’s just that it has a pleasant smell and does what every other body wash is supposed to do.

dove body wash
Dove Go Fresh Nourishing Body Wash fresh touch – Cucumber & Green tea

What it claims – Cool refreshment that effectively nourishes skin. A refreshingly light sensation that´s an uplifting moment for your skin.The crisp, soothing scent of cucumber & green tea.Enriched with our breakthrough NutriumMoisture, to nourish skin deep down for more beautiful skin long-term.

What I feel – The smell was pleasant. I love cucumber fragranced products, so I was sure I would like this body wash. Apart from the smell, I did not notice any other benefits on the skin. Though the product claims that it nourishes skin deep down, there were no visible changes to the skin. Again, if it has helped the skin internally, I could not make it out.
Dove Deeply Nourishing Body Wash

dove Ingredients
What it claims – Only Dove Body Wash has NutriumMoistureTM – our unique blend of moisturizers enriched with skin-natural lipids that can absorb completely to nourish deep down while you shower. Deeply nourishing. Clean rinsing. Always beautiful.

What I feel – It was like any other body wash maybe a little bit more smoother and for a little while you felt that skin was softer. But it’s only for a short while after the shower.

Though the Retail price for 250ml is in the range of £2.99 to £3.49, I got these in the supermarket for considerably cheaper rates. It was the “launch offer” I think. That’s the reason I picked up four.

Body Wash With Grapefruit And Lemongrass
Pros of Dove Go Fresh Body Wash:

1. The fragrances – each one of them is unique and truly uplifting. You actually feel transported to a different place.

Cons of Dove Go Fresh Body Wash:
1. The body wash says that it gives your skin a fresh new suppleness. I personally did not find any difference in skin after using this. It leaves your skin just like any other body wash would.

Final verdict: I only liked the Dove Go Fresh Energise Body Wash With Grapefruit And Lemongrass. And the reason being that it was like a mild scrub. Other than that i felt that the range was like any other body wash from Dove – with a different enticing branding 🙂 To be honest I picked them up based on the packaging – it looked so inviting.

Rating: 3 out of 5

Will I repurchase?
Not all of them. The Dove Go Fresh Energise Body Wash with Grapefruit and Lemongrass was the best of the lot and I would buy this.

Which is your favourite Dove Body Wash?

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21 thoughts on “Dove Go Fresh Body Wash Review

  1. Bad,bad,Dee!! :hunterwali:
    I was already lusting after the Grapefruit and Lemongrass wash and now I want it even more!! :waaa:
    But I can’t seem to find it anywhere. :waiting:

  2. Love the grapefruit lemongrass one….the cucumber one isnt too bad as well 🙂

    Pragnya….u’ll find it in stores that sell imported cosmetics 🙂

  3. these look so creamy, wow :thumbsup: !!! i had bad experience with dove daily nourishing body wash, smell was of surf excel :yuck:

  4. I am concerned with the chemical used in these products… I use the cool cucumber and it has made a difference for me, my skin feels smoother and more hydrated, but i am concerned about the chemicals that i might be exposed to… any help?? :idk:

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