Dove Hair Therapy Hair Fall Rescue Conditioner Review

Dove Hair Therapy Hair Fall Rescue Conditioner Review

My mother is a true dove shampoo lover, I have bugged her a million times to try L’Oreal, Tresemme and lots more but she always said she is happy with dove. Last month she mistakenly tried my HG shampoo Habibs and she fell in love. I was immensely happy and gave her that I – told – u – so – look every now and then and took all the credit. 😀 but only because I am hating dove presently doesn’t means I will not try it , specially when there are so many dove shampoos and conditioners in my home lying here and there 🙂 so I used this conditioner thrice and is ready to review. 🙂 So read on more to know how it fared.

Dove Hair Therapy Hair Fall rescue Conditioner

Price → Rs 68


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My experience with the product

Let me tell you I love experimenting with skin care stuff but when it comes to hair care I love to stick to a single product but again conditioners have a special place in my heart and I love matching the conditioner variant with that of the shampoo.  And the worst part the shampoo always gets over before the conditioner and I hate that. 🙁

Now lets move on to packaging.:) A simple white and green tube packaging with claims and information printed on both the sides. The packaging is travel friendly and hygienic.


The texture of this conditioner is creamy enough to make your hair smooth and soft. After using my hg Habibs shampoo I use a generous amount of conditioner uniformly from root to tip and then rinse after 1 minute and I was left with smooth, soft and detangled hair. The smell is same as the other dove shampoo.

But the twist lies elsewhere; being a hair fall rescue this is the main cause of hair fall. With first wash I saw I lost almost 15-20 hair strands and I was shocked as with Habibs I loose 5 strands generally. I used it the next 2 days and saw the same thing happening and I can say this causes a lot of hair fall wherever it claims reduction in hair fall in 2 weeks. Sorry I didn’t have the guts to use it for a week . 🙁

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  • Inexpensive
  • Makes hair smooth, soft and detangled
  • Nice smell
  • Travel friendly and hygienic packaging


  • Main cause of hair fall



Rating → 1.8 out of 5

Would I recommend/ repurchase this product??

A big no 🙁

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22 thoughts on “Dove Hair Therapy Hair Fall Rescue Conditioner Review

  1. oh i had terrible hairloss using dove… I just stopped using it when i found out this is the main cause of hairfall… Now i am using tresseme and just loving it… Now ‘love dove’, became ‘dud dove’

  2. nasuheen, tresseme works really great… I’ve seen another variant in, which is a keratin infused one… Currently using their smooth and shine range… Give it a try… You hair will love it :)…

  3. Dove doesnt suit me either. My sister used to be a great fan of dove, so i used her shampoo, after 2 or 3 weeks my jet black hairs started turning brown to red. Its been 6 months, and still those brown strands are visible 🙁

  4. sorry beauties 🙂 i love dove really work gr8 for my hair zero hairfall 🙂 lagta hai yeh sirf mujhe hi suit karta hai 😛

  5. hey sreya, too bad it dint work for you. untill now i never knew a shampoo or conditioner can cause hairfall or fade natural color of hair. now when i think about 2-3 years ago, i used herbal essences drama clean shampoo for my oily hair. my hair started turning grey!!! i dint realise the cause at that time. then in imbb i read abt sulphate free shampoos and now i use sulphate free shampoos only.
    hey, can shampoos cause thinning of hair also? my hair is like, the diameter is shrinking day by day apart from obvious hairfall 🙁 help plzz

    1. jyoti 🙂 i think u better send this to the ask IMBB section 🙂 everyone will help u out 🙂 i know so less about chemicals and all 🙁 but i am sure shampoo can cause thinning, there can be problem in your diet or water intake look at that also 🙂 hope it helps 🙂

  6. I’m like your mum! Dove is my super favorite HG shampoo 🙂 Works well for me! Sad this was a dud.
    Haven’t seen Habib’s products anywhere in Chennai :/

  7. Okay, I’ve been using this for like two weeks now. Let me tell you the first thing about this! I HATE IT! It sucks big time. My mom got this for me, just looking at the label I was like ‘Okay, lets try you now’. And the thing is like I loose hair while washing. Like 10 strands atmost. THEN I started using this horrible conditioner by Dove. And voila! 10 became 20, 20 became 30. I have really nice bushy soft hair. And thanks Dove for ruining it. I’ll be contacting the people to tell them this. Honestly, it shouldn’t have rescue written on it. Thats an abomination. Please, if you value your hair don’t buy this conditioner. I’ll be going to a hair specialist tomorrow to see what damage has been done. Its just this dove product that has not been in my favor. The others especially the split ends one work for me. Dove people you are about to get one angry consumer shouting her head off.

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