Dove Hair Therapy Nutritive Solutions Daily Shine Shampoo Review

Dove Hair Therapy Nutritive Solutions Daily Shine Shampoo

Today I will be reviewing my current favorite shampoo from Dove hair therapy range. Dove hair products always work for my frizzy hair so I always end up purchasing dove shampoos and conditioners only. When I saw this daily-shine-shampoo I got really excited to try. Who doesn’t want to have shiny hair? Did it work? Read on to know more.

Price: Rs 235 for 340 ml

Dove Hair Therapy Nutritive SolutionsDaily Shine Shampoo

Product Description: Dove Daily Shine Shampoo contains Micro Moisture Serum that helps build a shield around your hair fiber to protect and defend it against daily damages and resulting dullness. It leaves your hair soft, shiny and smooth.”

My take on Dove Hair Therapy Nutritive Solutions Daily Shine Shampoo:

Dove shampoo comes in standard white plastic bottle with a flip- top cap. I have the 340 ml bottle which is big and heavy so I cannot carry it while travelling. But it’s also available in travel sizes. The shampoo is white in color and the consistency is neither thick nor too runny, it’s just perfect. I always dilute my shampoo with water to reduce the effect of chemicals. It lathers really well and little actually goes a long way. I have shoulder-length hair and the amount shown in the swatch picture is enough to cleanse my hair. One bottle will last for 2-3 months easily which makes it cost effective. I am using it since 1.5 months still there is huge amount remaining.

The fragrance is amazing, I am really bad in describing fragrances but it’s very pleasant. The scent is not strong so even if you have sensitive nose I don’t think it will bother you. The scent lingers for 4-5 hours after washing hair; I really wish that it lasted for at least one whole day but never mind.

Dove Hair Therapy Nutritive Solutions Daily ShineShampoo

Coming to the results, after washing hair with this shampoo my hair feels extra smooth and silky. I have noticed this thing with every dove shampoo I have used till now. All dove products make my hair ultra smooth to touch and I feel like touching my hair again and again. It also adds a nice and noticeable shine to my hair as per the claims. But the shine is not long lasting and it stays for one day maximum. It cleanses hair completely and also control frizz but not completely. You can also skip conditioner while using it if you’re in a hurry but it gives excellent results when used with a conditioner. It also claims to repair hair from daily damage which I don’t think it does. It contains loads of chemicals and silicones which are not good for hair but since the range is giving me excellent results I don’t mind using it. It has neither decreased nor increased my hair fall. I have not seen a bad hair day from quite a long time now, isn’t it amazing? I am very much satisfied with the results and would definitely repurchase the shampoo.

Dove HairTherapy Nutritive Solutions Daily Shine Shampoo

Pros of Dove Hair Therapy Nutritive Solutions Daily Shine Shampoo:

• Lathers well
• Eliminates frizz
• Gives a totally clean wash
• Effects last for 2-3 days
• No bad hair day after using it
• Makes hair ultra smooth and silky
• Price and quantity are completely justified
• Non-drying

Dove Hair Therapy Nutritive Solutions Daily Shine Shampoo

Cons of Dove Hair Therapy Nutritive Solutions Daily Shine Shampoo:

• Contains chemicals
• Effects last for 2 days

Rating: 4.5/5

Will I Recommend? Yes, I will surely recommend this shampoo to all with frizzy and unmanageable hair. It controls frizz, adds shine and cleanses scalp completely. I am very much impressed with the results. The only negative point is that it contains silicones and other chemicals but since the results are amazing I don’t mind.

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